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Rise Released

2013-08-19 14:12:23 by Hyptosis

There have been a few bugs but I think they're all ironed out. And a few classes are easier than others, but that is kind of the nature of all dice games I think. Everything in this game is random, well almost everything, so some playthroughs won't be fair. And some will be too easy. Let me know your thoughts though! And report any bugs, thanks!


Rise Released

Ask me anything! :D

2013-08-03 09:52:27 by Hyptosis

Thought I'd do one of these, seems amusing, ask me whatever you want. I'll answer truthfully, or sarcastically. I promise! :P I also like to pretend sometimes that I have something important to say. :P Here is a screenshot from my next game. Along with a sponsorship logo in the lower right for when I find one. (lol, ;_;)

Ask me anything! :D

Kingdom of Liars 3

2013-07-23 19:02:53 by Hyptosis

I've been working on a couple of new projects, three actually.

One is an rpg along the lines of Relic, and I feel like it is pretty strong. But RPGs take FOREVER to make, and they're expensive to make. It has been the most expensive game I've made so far, hiring music and voice acting and yadda yadda, so it is still probably going to be a while before I can release it. Also the file size is expanding rapidly, and I haven't even started the battle mechanics yet.

Second I've been working on Kingdom of Liars 3! I would say it is about 1/3rd complete at this stage. I'm hoping to have it done about the middle of next month, but it's hard to say for sure. You can scope out the first two here and here. I feel like this one, the third, might be the best yet. I've noticed very often the first game of a series does the best and then the sequels gradually do worse as you go. That kind of makes sense, but I'm trying very hard to make this one way better than the first two in hopes of breaking that pattern. We'll see!

And lastly, I'm making a little dungeon crawler, real simple thing along the lines of The Rose is Blooming and Steelcurse. I'm focusing on trying to use less words. I want to use more images, more art and symbols so that a greater number of players from overseas can enjoy the game without worry about understanding the english. My games tend to be VERY heavy on dialogue and words and such, and I want to try to move away from that some. There are some great games that barely use any words at all, if at all. I need to use that part of my brain more.

Kingdom of Liars 3

Woohoo! Finally got a scanner!

2013-07-14 21:50:26 by Hyptosis

I've been without a scanner for a while, which is why I've not be releasing any new games. I do a lot of work on paper first, working all digital is nice and all, but I like my ink. It's nothing fancy, but it was nice of newgrounds to get it for me. :P

Woohoo! Finally got a scanner!

Sometimes I'm almost depressed by how much artistic skill and creativity is out there. I feel like I can't compete with it, I feel like my life isn't long enough to see all of it, I feel like there are these amazing artists who will never be seen nor discovered. It's overwhelming. In my mind, I'm like, "Why am I bothering to do this, there are a million people who already do it better than I." Gotta remember, it's not a competition, we do it because we enjoy it, because we have to or our hearts and minds will explode.

I've been making flash games a few years now. It's been real fun. When I started I didn't actually intend to create a standard world for so many of my stories to take place in. But it did just kind of happen. A lot of players never make the connection, but some do. I find it really touching when they notice crossovers and such, or details that connect stories and character. When a player recognizes a location in one game, from a previous game. The use of fiend magic in Kingdom of Liars and the fiends having been released in Hood, a few players mentioned this and it was fantastic to me that they noticed.

Sometimes I see fan art or fan fiction associated to my projects, and there is nothing more exciting or flattering in the world. It makes me feel like I created something that mattered to someone, if nothing else just for a moment. I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've seen and/or discovered, and if any of you have created something that I failed to share here, please let me know and I'll include it!

The first things I would like to mention, for any interested, are these wikis!
Alice is Dead Wiki
Lorestrome Wiki
Lots of good info and theories on these pages. I LOVE reading them, haha, yes I'm that self absorbed. Kidding aside, it's great to see what the readers and players think, and alarming when their ideas are better than my own. ;_;

This is something that blew my mind. A tv tropes based on Alice is Dead. Reading it really helps a creator see the structure of their work, the cliches and how players view the world you present. It's fantastic.
Alice is Dead tvtropes

Kingdom of Liars fanficton, very cool read about an Elk Guard and a mysterious Orange Door. A lot of accurate world details in this one! Darkness is Rising PDF

Here is some interesting Alice is Dead fan fiction I discovered.
From Beginning to End

Here is another Alice is Dead related piece.
Alice is Dead

Alice is Dead fanart, there is a lot of it, and it all is awesome! Where to start!
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/e32148bcd4c9 9f34822707aa5498d2c3 by monochromewasteland
http://alice-is-dead-fans.deviantart.com/art/Ali ce-is-Dead-191535440
http://alice-is-dead-fans.deviantart.com/art/Dea d-187145766
http://smilie-grim-reaper.deviantart.com/art/Ali ce-is-Dead-184698190
http://acidglow04.deviantart.com/art/Alice-is-De ad-Doodledump-376660346
http://popphoto2.deviantart.com/art/alice-is-dea d-179271185
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx1gwyA8Un1qfc umdo1_500.png By thoughtkiller
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcffxeFiz01qjj qw3o3_500.jpg by searchlight-p
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9q4gvoqVd1rng c3bo1_500.jpg by triangle-attack
http://monochromewasteland.tumblr.com/post/52637 098586/i-honestly-dont-know
http://monochromewasteland.tumblr.com/image/5319 9687425
http://all-thingsbright-and-beautiful.tumblr.com /post/33842268285/white-rabbit-by-me

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/bizarrojoe/ha ppy-birthday-hyptosis This was just a gift joe gave me way back, still one of my favorite things ever.

There are more, but I can't seem to dig them up right now. It's pretty flattering, but more importantly, it's really fun to see this stuff!

Alice is Dead Fan Fiction and Fan Art

I need some playtesters to scope this out!

2013-05-24 06:46:54 by Hyptosis

I need some play tests, this is just a single map, two rooms but the player can only access one. I need a bunch of people to test it and report any 'lag', sputtering, fps drops. Performance issues of any kind. Let me know what browser you use too if you give it a shot, thanks

I love world building.

2013-05-18 01:05:16 by Hyptosis

It's true.

I wish I could find a job where all I had to do all day is world build.

I thought I'd list a few games here on NG that inspire me, and then talk about the finale of Kingdom of Liars! It's coming out very soon! I really hope you guys dig it.

Micro Dungeon
This game is so cool. I love the simplicity, the effective to-the-pointness. It knows what it is. I'm sad more people didn't enjoy it. Hell, throw a retro tileset on this and I'd be in hog heaven.

Cardinal Quest
Cardinal Quest did pretty well, as it should have. I just ate this game up. I feel like it got everything right. It's quick to play, easy to play, and just fun. I love the art, the sounds, everything. It has a lot of what I love about roguelikes, without a lot of the things I hate about them.

Random Heroes
The art. I know it's simple, I know the gameplay isn't revolutionary or anything. But I loved this game all the way through. Everything reads well, the guns are all fun even if they're not all useful. And I encountered zero bugs, the controls feel really good to me.

take care of the trees
What an interesting little gem this is. I mean, honestly, it's barely a game. But the emotion, the feel, the atmosphere. I envy this. I wish I could catch mere seconds in my games that have such a great thought provoking feeling. This game right here inspires me.

KINGDOM OF LIARS will be coming out very soon! I finished the second installment, and it is also the finale. I might like to do more episodes that take place in Ashbane in the future, with recurring characters and such. I tried to make the puzzles a bit more easy and smooth this time in hopes that the story doesn't get held up by a too challenging or poorly designed puzzle. I also focused more on story-telling this time. We shall see, it will probably be released monday. Follow me so you will be alerted when I release it!

Thanks everyone! Stay cool! :D

Thanks to my Players

2013-05-04 08:21:42 by Hyptosis

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second and say thanks for all the support. I was pretty bummed out over the last few months because of real life stuff and work related stuff. But my players have sent me copious amounts of private messages, emails, and such telling me how much they like my games and how they hope I cheer up. It really does a lot to make a guy feel better, and while I couldn't reply to them all I just wanted to throw out an 'umbrella 'thank you' to everyone. You guys rock.

To relax and take it easy for a bit I made a little text adventure, the mechanics are based on Children of Brinn, although a bit more complex and there is more generated content from databases and fun stuff like that. It is zombie survival themed.


It was fun to make, Newgrounds has kindly sponsored it. Was fun to make something kinda light on the programming-side again.

Also watch my facebook and twitter for news on my games and the occasional bad joke from yours truly.

Stay cool guys!

Thanks to my Players

Thoughts on Guild Dungeons 2

2013-04-25 17:25:08 by Hyptosis

So, after trying to find a sponsor for the game, and then seeing how many bugs popped up after release, I realize that the second game was just too much for me to do. My programing skills are just lousy, and I spent 99% of my time fighting code and trying to promote the game when my skills are much better applied writing and just doing art. I'm sure I learned a few things while working on it, and to me that is most important. And a few players seem to be enjoying it even though it is tremendously flawed, and that makes me feel pretty good. The type of game that it is isn't the type to appeal to everyone anyway, it's slow. And it is meant to encourage exploration and trial and error, but the game needs a lot more spit and polish, and in the end I lost money on it and a LOT of time making it. Which is a bummer.

STILL, I'm very happy to have it done, at least it is SOMETHING. I just wish it could have been more. This late in the game I'm not sure it is salvageable at all, nor worth it for me to try to save it. There are a lot of pain in the ass variables with making and releasing flash games. Like, the viral versions on other portals won't update if I fix my game and re-upload it to my hub and here on Newgrounds. Those broken versions are still floating around. And then I uploaded several fixed versions here on NG, but no one refreshes their browsers when they come to play, so they keep trying to play the broken version that is in their history. I had a dozen play testers play the game, and none of the problems popped up for them that are now popping up. It's just tough, it's got to be perfect on luanch or it's a headache from there on out. :P Still, no regrets really.

That got wordy, well thanks for playing guys! I'm going to try building simpler games from here on, I now realize my limit. I need to just stick to what I'm good at for a bit.

Thoughts on Guild Dungeons 2