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2013-12-13 04:02:16 by Hyptosis

I've been working on a new game the past couple of days, called Starshroud. It is a space-themed rpg. I want to really invest in exploration and character interaction. I know these kinds of old school games aren't for everyone, and that's okay. I'm really enjoying working on it.

Here is a tiny snippet, this is VERY early, so don't judge too hard yet.

I'd love to know what you guys think though, what you might expect. Etc. Thanks guys! Stay gold.


2013-12-11 02:18:37 by Hyptosis

his snow sure is fun. ALSO -- Hey guys, just thought I'd share this little bit from my newest game. This is a mockup actually, but it's going ot look pretty much like this. Stats and stuff will go on the left, action in the window, buttons below. I'm trying to keep it very simple, and make the buttons big for touch screens.


New Zombie Game Soon

2013-12-04 21:35:16 by Hyptosis

Officially announcing my next title will be a zombie themed survival game based on Where the Rose is Blooming, a previous game of mine.

2780361_138621091591_flash_609043.jpgClick to Play

I hope that it will be a good successor, I'm including everything, plus adding a lot more. And I'm going to try to introduce mini story trees, like Sagittarian. Also more supplies such as energy and water. It's quite an undertaking though, and is very exhausting! Hope you guys dig it.

I debated making the character lead in this one a woman, but after thinking about The Rose some more, I decided to actually make it the same character. Since this is a sequel, really a rebuilt and expanded version even, I thought it was only fitting.


Since a major complaint before was that the game was endless, my idea was that you see how long you can survive. This time there will be an ending, a goal to reach. No more endless survival.

Anyway, thanks, hope it will be done in the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts! I'll hear/read them all! Stay cool guys!

Thanks guys! Also, new game!

2013-11-22 00:23:00 by Hyptosis

First, Crimson Eve is released. It was super fun to make and hopefully you guys dig this little game.
Crimson Eve

Second, thank you all SO MUCH for the support, best players ever! The donations given previously have gone a long way to help me get my big project rolling. It isn't done, but progress has seriously been made and I can't wait to reveal more. Also, I will hopefully have TWO more games coming out in the next 30 days, so look out for those guys!

Thanks again everyone! Stay cool Newgrounds!

Thanks guys! Also, new game!

Sneaky Peek

2013-10-26 22:52:16 by Hyptosis

Just a screen grab form my Halloween themed game! Thanks so much for the kind words and all the support guys, you're the best!

Sneaky Peek

I've been running with knuckles white trying to get my Halloween game finished on time! If it is late, you all will still play it right? ;_; I've been running ragged trying to get it done on time, but I started too late.

Halloween Game Soon...ish... soonish...

My Game News

2013-09-26 04:44:09 by Hyptosis

First I would like to say thanks for all the tremendous support I received from players. I'm very much touched, I don't know what to say other than Thank you. It really means a lot.

I've been working on a couple of projects, thought I'd shared some updates.

The cyberpunk project is coming along, but pretty slowly. Urban environments like that take a lot of time to paint. But I'm pleased with what is done so far.

Kingdom of Liars 4 is STARTED! I've mapped out the first area, going to be a lot of new content in this one, and new areas, I'm very excited.

And lastly, some Spellsword information! Well, a screenshot. It's animated like Relic was. :P

Seriously, thanks again everyone. Both to the players, and to Newgrounds. I've found a hobby I truly love, and you guys all make it possible.

ALSO, check out Elspeth's League of Legends video! She's gotten a lot of well-deserved attention for it! Very cool!

My Game News

Spellsword and News

2013-09-18 04:08:32 by Hyptosis

First, I'd like to get everyone's opinions on Spellsword! I hope to be able to find the time and money, especially the money, to expand on it to and to make an actual game from it. I've always wanted to, but these types of things are HARD to make, so much focus and energy and attention to detail.


I'm also working on Kingdom of Liars 4, the feedback from the 3rd one has been pretty great. A lot of players really seemed to connect many of the dots that I was hoping they would; spanning my entire series. It really made my week reading everyone's posts, feedback, ideas and advice. I got a lot of responses and advice, and if I didn't respond, it was only because I'm so busy working on the next one! Thank you all so much for the support, it means so much. And the support from Newgrounds has made this possible for me. This has been a great year for me and my future is looking brighter and brighter.

So, thank you, everyone.

(Below is a tiny bit of art from one of my next projects.)

Spellsword and News

Kingdom of Liars 3! And Sully!

2013-09-06 11:33:53 by Hyptosis

Kingdom of Liars 3 is finished! Please scope it out and let me know what you think!
Kingdom of Liars 3
I tried very hard to take into account all of the issues players pointed out in previous version. I always try to listen to my players and make changes when I hear good ideas.

Also, I've been working on an rpg called Sully: A Very Serious RPG by Breadbrothers
It has been shown a few places, there is still a lot of work that needs doing on it. But I wanted to share it. I'm only an artist on the project, I didn't write it or anything, but a lot of really skilled people have worked on it and I played it some a few nights ago and it is really coming together. So please! Scope out what we've done so far!

An Old Memory Surfaced Today

2013-08-25 05:48:53 by Hyptosis

When I was around 13, after school my mother would keep me locked out of the house until she got home. I don't know if she didn't trust me with a key, or just didn't trust me in the home alone. So I'd just wander around the neighborhood all day, hungry and bored. Not starving or anything, but you know, after school, you were hungry.

Anyway, there was this kind old lady I met one day, she was feeding these dogs and having some trouble with them (they were knocking stuff over, banging into her, etc) so I helped her feed them and we talked. Then she gave me some cake, it was the best. For a long time, maybe 8 months or so, while we still lived there anyway, I would visit her after school and help her with her dogs and she would feed me and we'd talk about books and stuff.

I remember she had a lot of animals because strays would show up and she'd feed them. I didn't 'get' this at the time, now I see I too was a stray in some ways. Anyway, I'm 17 years older now. And I realized today that I can't remember her name. Or if I ever really knew it. I SHOULD have, but I can't remember it. She's just a nice old smiling face in my memory.

I just wanted to tell someone I guess. She was a really nice lady who touched me in my youth. I feel bad that we moved away and I never saw her again. I hope I was able to say goodbye, and I hope she enjoyed my visits as much as I did.

An Old Memory Surfaced Today