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Hyptosis's News

Posted by Hyptosis - January 1st, 2016

Oh man. I've been crunching so hard the past four days trying to get Wolfsong ready to launch. It's really almost done. I just keep finding little things that need to be adjusted or polished. I also still want to add a few small optional zones and a more comicbook/storyboarded ending. Sigh. ;_;

A few quick samples of the story if anyone is interested. ^_^




Thanks for looking, have a great new year everyone! :D

Posted by Hyptosis - December 28th, 2015

I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is having a great year and stayng positive! Keep it up, go be creative guys! Make good art!



Posted by Hyptosis - December 21st, 2015

Here are some random screengrabs and stuff from the current build of Wolfsong. The game is at about 85% done. I didn't get to use all the voice actors and musicians I wanted to, but that is okay. Part of the reason being just the time constraints, nothing the voice talent's fault. I'm very pleased with the game right now, Mandi has been doing an amazing job handling all the music for me, Corey, Silentkitty and I have been doing all of the art, and a few of my code buddies (Kildorf!) have been helping me with scripting. I appreciate everyone's support!

I know deep down I could make a MUCH better game, but managing my time, working two jobs to support the game, and just feeling an under dog... I'm real damn proud of it. :D I few people have told me the game is a bad idea and that I'm wasting my time, but I've had a lot of fun making it. That's really all I care about at this point. :D




Posted by Hyptosis - November 24th, 2015


Posted by Hyptosis - November 16th, 2015


Posted by Hyptosis - November 5th, 2015

Raising money for my rpg Wolfsong, by selling some of the assets from it, check them out here -- https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/hyptosis/


Posted by Hyptosis - October 29th, 2015

Self important Wolfsong news ahead! :P

I've been away for a bit, but I return with my personal baby's updates. Wolfsong! Here is some short footage of the newest zone, a mossy ruins area deep in the heart of a Oregon-like forest.

And some of you might have seen these already, but a few new images form the game! <3



A few rotten badguys the player will encounter on the road. I appreciate all the support and feedback I've been getting, it means the world to me. Thanks for looking, stay cool and keep creating things!

Posted by Hyptosis - October 28th, 2015


The current party in Wolfsong, about to leap into action!

Posted by Hyptosis - October 23rd, 2015

Hey guys, wanted to share a screengrab of Burnside. He's connected to the ancient race some of you might remember from Hood? I'm pretty excited to introduce him, and all of the answers he will bring with him.



Posted by Hyptosis - October 22nd, 2015

I am back to slaving away at Wolfsong, hope to get it done in the next few months. LadyArsenic has been writing some totally sweet music for the game while I was away working, and it turned out great in my humble, but always right, opinion! :P

I'm working on the final playable character in the game right now, as well as the quest that unlocks him. I wanted to have a few more, Jahti from Relic, Baldewin from Hood, Cameron too, a few Kingdom of Liars characters, etc, but because of lack of time and funding they'll have to wait for a sequel, there will likely be lots of cameos from previous projects though! ^_^

Here are a few of the latest foes the player must dispatch!


They are called Gooka, and are a nasty lot of spirit worshipers.

Thanks, I'll have more news soon!