Entry #128

Sully: A Very Serious RPG

2017-08-20 13:48:54 by Hyptosis

Here is the latest screenshot form this project I've been working on for years with some friends.




If you're interested, you can track the progress on our twitters.

LEAD: https://twitter.com/bengrue
ARTIST: https://twitter.com/Hyptosis


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2017-08-20 15:05:18

Has anyone ever put a font or text size option in an RPG? Kids like options, I like the big ez to read while blind drunk way you've got it pictured here.

Also like animated background elements, anything to breathe life into an otherwise static shot of the action. Early fighting games had environmental moves, one per level/board. and it was up to the player to figure out how to trigger it (bird flying chunks of wood to a nest, deflect a bat, trigger a squid's ink, etc.), an attack angle around the enemy group could mete out damage to individuals, based on where it touches down... nothing too anal, but for the aware, a nice way to get an attack in.

How's things at the Bob Ross compound, commuting much, feel OK?

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

Everything as a-ok, thanks boss! Stay cool! :D


2017-08-20 15:57:08

Looks really good! Nice job so far I'd love to play it one day.

Hyptosis responds:



2017-08-21 17:17:19

Interesting. I look forward to seeing more.

Hyptosis responds:



2017-09-12 00:29:23

Looks delicious.