Entry #121

Free Game Art! For your game!? How can this be?

2017-05-07 04:55:57 by Hyptosis

Released some more free game art. https://opengameart.org/users/hyptosis #indiedev #indiegame #rpgmaker #rpg #jrpg #gameart #opensource #flashgames #indie


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2017-05-08 23:39:43

You going to create something similar to Alice Is Dead? I was stoked to hell and back when you released those games.

Hyptosis responds:

I appreciate that! Sadly no new Alice is Dead games are planned anymore.


2017-05-15 18:21:43

Anything similar though? I realize that was a trifecta but anything that has it's gameplay? No joke, that was fun as hell.

The secret behind the Cheshire cat in that blew my damn mind. O_o

Hyptosis responds:

Sorry for the late response. Currently I'm not working on any big games. Making games is very time consuming and my new job doesn't allow for much free time. I want to focus on helping other by providing assets form now on. I'm not saying I won't make games again, but it isn't as feasible any more. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you're kind words and feedback.


2017-05-20 21:21:56

Whenever you can man, just be sure to use those same skills. :) I get the job deal completely.