New Little Game and Stuff

2014-07-03 20:35:30 by Hyptosis

Hey guys! Just wanted to announce that I made a little zombie comicbook game type thing, like Sagi, but all new. It's small and short and simple, made it for fun. Please scope it out! :P

I also wanted to point ou this old game called A Grain of Truth. I've had it on my favorites list for years now, and last night decided to play it, and like, it's really good imo. It is super original, tohught and attention are put in every detail. And it only has 40k plays! What is this!? SO, I wanted ot give it a mention, direct osme traffic back to a well-made, creative game. Art and story man.

Also scope out this game, made by the same team! It was a lot more successful, not sure why the second game didn't do as well as this one.

I really want story games like this, point and click, casual, calm, relaxing types of games... I relaly want them to be more successful. I can see why they don't appeal to everyone, but it's such a fun thing imo. It's like a comicbook you get to explore instead of just read. I want to encourage more people to make these kinds of games, and even more to play them! :P


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2014-07-03 20:36:28

It's a great game man! Thanks for putting the work in so we get to enjoy this work of art :D

Hyptosis responds:



2014-07-03 21:18:50

I played the first Trader of Stories, quite liked it, very pleasant game, just enough plot to keep you interested and not inundated with too much plot at once. Scared to try the html sequel on an old computer...

Suppose I made the graphics, flowchart and lines/script for a chooseyourownpath kinda game... how hard is that to program? How long would it take a seasoned programmer to copy and paste it into a swf?

Hyptosis responds:

Ah, mostly just gotoAndStop commands, like building a webpage interface in flash really. I taught myself how to do it in just a few days. Just gotta do tutorials. ^_^


2014-07-03 21:35:46

ah! ive been waiting for a new one of these and what fun! :D i miss Sagi but im glad to see a new take on the story/style. cant wait for more

Hyptosis responds:



2014-07-03 23:17:53

Congratulations on your new game! :)
Have you tried Broken Age, by the way? It's Tim Schaffer's latest project.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man! I'm not familiar with it, I'll look it up right now. :D


2014-07-04 00:29:14

First reviewer for Riverside, and I must say it was kind of awesome. Took awhile to get all four endings though; I mean really, NONE of the car options lead to survival?

Make another one please.

Hyptosis responds:



2014-07-04 01:02:33

A series of games divided on 3 accounts, are those 2 the only games on about that world, or are there other awaiting to be discovered?

Hyptosis responds:

They're the only two I have found, on their blog they said they were creating a third, but it hasn't been updated in some time.


2014-07-04 06:11:10

You can script a game like that using buttons and gotoAndStop commands. It takes one day to learn and you can do everything very quickly and comfortably, and that would be the fastest way to do it.
Let's say, if you have a comic which has 20 selections in total, that would take you 40 minutes to script in Flash (twice faster for a person who got used to doing that kind of scripting).

Hyptosis responds:

This is truff.


2014-07-04 10:16:58

@VicariousE @kkots
This resurgence of visual novels etc makes me want to participate in the making of one...

Hyptosis responds:

^5 :D


2014-07-04 12:32:02

The game was good! Could have used checkpoints, but considering how short it was, I'm not surprised that you didn't implement checkpoints.

Hyptosis responds:



2014-07-04 13:08:12

If you happen to start working on a choose-your-own-path-like comicbook-like visual novel game, I can help you script it in Flash and get it working. Or I can explain the technical details of its base mechanics such as how the user decides the story progression and what content you can or must create to show to user.


2014-07-04 16:07:49

@kkots Thanks for the heads-up. I'm thinking of suggesting a visual novel project to NG's Writers' Guild and see what they think about it.


2014-07-04 17:50:29

Warhammer 40K


2014-07-05 09:22:18

A Hyptosis game! That's SOME news. Seems like you were able to find some free time slots after all.
I don't wanna fuck with the cheering crowd but I think you should have worked it out a bit more. Said all in the game's reviews.
Thank you very much for the link to "a grain of truth". It's awesome! Just like your Saggi-boy series. I didn't know they are the pastel games guys.
Hope to see more of your stuff in the future


2014-07-06 07:46:20

You too Hyptosis? It's just, I always wanted to provide the music for one, and partly write one at least.


2014-07-06 11:56:29

Thanks for advice, Big D, and to the good lady and gentleman as well.


2014-07-14 11:04:41

These games are great - I remember playing Trader of Stories on another website. Then I was casually checking out games at Newgrounds and found A Grain... I was like "Damn! The same hero(ine), same world... Why didn't I find this gem earlier?"... Well, I guess it's a name thing - if they named it "Trader of Stories Chapter 2" or something it'd be easier to find it.

I share your thoughts on point & click games - when game's world is well constructed it feels like being inside a comic book. That's why I fell in love with your Lorestrome Universe, Trader of Stories or Skutnik's Daymare series.


2014-07-22 18:09:32

what about Gretal and Hansel 3?

Hyptosis responds:

Those games were very cool, but I also felt like they didn't need any promotion. They're very popular on all sites I've seen them on. ^_^


2014-08-09 09:57:50

sorry about that. i forgot makopudding was the creator of Gretal and Hansel. I meant to post it on there page. for some i thought you were the creator or had involvement. again sorry for the mistake