Stepping Away

2014-01-17 20:02:58 by Hyptosis

I'm going to be stepping away from indie game dev for a while. I have two games that are half finished right now, I probably won't get them done. I'll try to knock them out in the next 30 days but most likely it's just not going to happen. It's been a blast, and a great experience. I've met so many kickass people, I have new friends now, a lot of new knowledge, and mostly fond memories. But things are changing and I just don't enjoy it anymore. The attitude of players seem more sour now than when I started, and I dunno if this is just me, or an actual change, but I don't even look forward to reading the player comments anymore. And I used to LIVE for that, even the bad comments. My last few games have flopped, my sponsors lost money on them, the players didn't like them, and honestly I didn't really even enjoy making the last couple because I knew the players wouldn't like them.

I'm not putting this on anyone besides myself, I just don't enjoy it anymore. And if I don't enjoy it, my products are going to be crap. I'll try to keep in touch when I can, and maybe I can set some time aside later in the year and do some more work. But I honestly just can't afford to do this anymore, both financially and inspiraitonally? If that is even a word.

I've had a new job offer, it isn't a job I like, but it is a job I can do. And it'll provide for me and my family in the future. But I won't be home anymore, I won't have time to be online, and I won't even be in the country (USA) half the time. So it isn't fair for me to claim I'll try to keep making games, when I know I won't be able to. I'd rather pleasantly surprise everyone than lie to them.

So thanks guys, and thanks NG, best online community I have EVER seen. So many great people. I can't even start to tell you guys how patient Tom and some of the staff here at NG has been with me. I came into this a few years ago, I didn't know how to do anything in flash at all, and I didn't know how to code. Tom answered every question I had when I know he had other shit to be doing. And Impendingriot spent hours getting me started on my own.

I'll still be around for a few weeks though, so I'll still be responding to emails and private messages and stuff until then. Thank you all so much, you've been great.


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2014-01-17 20:12:21

Until we meet again man, we shall never forget you!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks dude.


2014-01-17 20:21:32

Sad to see you leave, Good luck in your future endeavors tho!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, I hope that one day to return and be passionate again. Be inspired, you know?


2014-01-17 20:31:24

Man thats so sad :( im sorry bro. You're really gifted i love your games. I wish i knew what your job was but wow, sounds really crazy if you're traveling out of country. Hang in there bro, hope things get better. Hope to see if things change in the future.

Hyptosis responds:

Things will be better, I just need to rediscover my own inspiration. You're a cool friend man.


2014-01-17 20:45:25

You're a great game dev. The community is gonna be taking a big blow with such a guy leaving us.

Hyptosis responds:

I appreciate the kind words man.


2014-01-17 21:05:14

I really enjoyed your games, it is sad that you have to leave, but i wish ya luck in all your endeavors.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!


2014-01-17 21:43:39

That is altogether too bad. I absolutely love your Sagittarian series. It's what the Walking Dead should be. Good luck with whatever is up next!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man!


2014-01-17 21:55:09

We'll miss you, bro. I enjoyed your games, for what it's worth.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, I hope to one day return, this isn't forever. Just until I'm inspired again.


2014-01-17 22:23:56

Good luck. Sorry that you no longer find enjoyment in your work. Hope you can find your inspiration again some day.

Hyptosis responds:

I will, thanks man!


2014-01-17 22:41:14

Well, it's always sad reading this kind of message. Especially from very good creators like yourself (I'm not joking). I didn't play your last games so I can't say anything about it, but if you say it wasn't that good and a lot of people didn't liked it, I believe in you. Sometimes we face roads with bad endings and lose the will to keep walking it, even in the ones that seems so full of joy for ourselves in some moment. It happens so I understand the situation you're now. I just want to wish you the best of lucks in the new roads you're facing. Oh, and of course, I wanna tell you a big THANK YOU for very good creations such as Guild Dungeons, Alice is Dead and The Sagittarian. I want you to know that I had a lot of fun from all of them, especially Guild Dungeons (I still have to finish the second one lol). You know you're always welcome here, feel free to stop by anytime you want and can even for a simple "hi".

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, I'm certainly going to try. I'm mostly going to be gone because of how busy I will be, and I wont have internet access sometimes. But I'll swing by when I can for sure. NG is the best.


2014-01-17 23:19:19

This makes me very sad :( You are one of the people that i rly like and respect here... I rarely have time for games so i cannot really give a critique on your work but i thought you were doing great! And i love your art so much :( Damn , this sucks...

Hyptosis responds:

Hey man, you're an awesome dude and I'm glad to know you. I don't want to be a bummer, I just also didn't want to just vanish without explaining myself! I'm still gonna swing by at least a couple times a year to see how my buds are doing.


2014-01-17 23:29:38

Man, I feel like we only barely got acquainted and now you're leaving for who knows where...! :C
You're not giving up art entirely, are you? Or are you just sick of the whole starving artist struggle?

You're such an amazingly talented artist--- you've always been a favourite content creator of mine, too. It's a shame we didn't get to talk/googlehang some more. Maybe I can catch you on Skype before you disappear to this new mysterious job. Add me if you use it-- I use 'Sabtastique' <<--with a 'que'!

...Hope things start looking up soon...!

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, it was cool talking to you! Especially with how awkward I am around new people. I don't think I'm giving up at all, just taking a very long break. I am certainly, 100% tired of not having enough money. My new job will provide me more money per month than I made last year. I'd be a fool to not take it.

When I'm back in town I'll be sure to shoot you a message, thanks for being a cool supportive friend. Things will be better for me for sure, and I bet I get my inspiration back in no time.


2014-01-17 23:30:04

This is a very sad notice for all of your fans but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do , right ? :_)

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, thanks for understanding!


2014-01-17 23:31:43

I am sorry to see you go, Hyptosis. Your work has been awesome over the years no matter what the plebs say. I hope everything works out for you and you do what makes you happy.

Hyptosis responds:



2014-01-18 00:03:20

man, you've left a legacy of awesome and creative games and animations that you should be proud of. i'm a bit upset that i wont get to see much more from you, but honestly, that's life. a job that lets you travel sounds like it could be a good job, and money makes the world go round so you got to do what you got to do. its been great to see what you've created, and that's just shitty that people cant respect the effort you have put into your work. you're a super talented guy, and i may be agnostic, but i like to think there is a special place in hell for trolls and people that have nothing better to do than be an ass on purpose. from me, thanks for all you've done; you've saved me from days of boredom :P best of luck, take care, thanks for all the outstanding games, and we'll miss you :)

Hyptosis responds:

That really means a lot. I don't have any regrets, I've enjoyed every minute of being here aside from a few little fights because I'm a hot head. :P Thanks so much man, I'm sure one day when I've had time away, I've got cash in my pocket, and some free time, I'll go back to making games. I really enjoyed it a lot once.


2014-01-18 00:34:46

We'll never forget you Hyptosis. Do come back. Always loved those games and that art... You're leaving a true fandom.

Hyptosis responds:

I will return! Thanks so much! ^5


2014-01-18 01:29:22

Well, it's been fun Hyptosis. I've had a bad day so this was at least more gracious than other things dealt with today. Godspeed friend.
PS, from all the fans and me,
thank you.

Hyptosis responds:

No, thank you man! The thing I enjoyed most was just knowing at least a few people dug what I created.


2014-01-18 02:31:29


Hyptosis responds:

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2014-01-18 02:32:20

Thanks :) as are you. I totally understand, im the same way when i lose inspiration.


2014-01-18 05:27:32

Later bro, stay healthy.

Hyptosis responds:

Will do, thanks man. I LOVE your music, keep it up.


2014-01-18 06:25:19

Man this sucks i was so hooked on kingdom of liars, and i love your puzzles i still remember that time i got blocked trying to solve that puzzle in Hood episode 3, i hated and loved that game with passion.

this day is shaping out not so well, any way whatever you will be doing now you have my best regards.

Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks, I really enjoy storytelling. I may take a laptop with me and do some writing or something.


2014-01-18 07:40:33

Life and death is a natural cycle.
When inspiration dies, it is born anew.
Surrender yourself to the arrow of destiny.
The fruit of your imagination grows on Newgrounds and still brings joy to people.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks! :D


2014-01-18 08:46:37

You got to decide for the option that feeds your family and works out for your life best. However, you will be missed. It seems selfish of us to make you feel bad about leaving, so what can I say to express that I wish you all the best for your personal life and at the same time would wish that you wouldn't leave? I hope you find your inspiration again and can come back soon. Even if you no longer feel inspired enough, there is no doubt that you spread inspiration to thousands of people on Newgrounds and around the internet. Thank you!

Hyptosis responds:

That's the best, thanks so much man. I always tried to encourage everyone to be creative and enjoy their work. To stick to their guns and work hard creating new things. I'll probably do some painting and stuff when I'm traveling, just not going to work on flash games for a long while I think. I'll be missing it in no time. :P


2014-01-18 09:44:30

Man all the good devs are like shutting down and stuff :(


2014-01-18 10:17:44

I'm sorry to hear that although I understand your decision.
I remember I was very fond of Alice is Dead when it was released, and I kept checking your work ever since.
Please don't let the mean comments bring you down, you've got a lot of talent and potencial, and you can clearly notice how your games improved all these years.
Anyway, take your time and enjoy your life, you surely deserve a break.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much, I dunno why I've lost my drive. Once I did, the comments did start hurting, not going to lie about it. I've never really had trouble with it until this last year, my skin just wasn't as thick anymore I guess.


2014-01-18 10:41:17

I'm not going to try and understand what you're describing as someone who's never made an indie game before, but it obviously makes sense to you and I have enough respect for your games and how you treat people to accept it without complaint.

Have a nice life, wherever it might take you. :)

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much. ^5


2014-01-18 10:43:15

I'm gonna miss seeing you around, I really hope you can still pop in and say "hi" once in a while! But also congrats on the job and the international travel will likely be exciting and inspirational!

Ya know, if you find yourself sitting around at airports and on planes, you still might have a chance for some creative personal time. You'll even have cell access on the planes and NG should be getting more and more mobile friendly if you want to check in. Hope your next chapter turns out to be awesome!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks Tom, yeah I'm looking forward to the travel. The job is wicked difficult and the hours are very long, but I will also get breaks and I'll be sure to swing by and say hi to everyone when I can.

I am thinking of getting a laptop or something so I can at least write when I'm on the road. Maybe noodle in photoshop and flash some still, will have to find a good tablet option too. Thanks man, you're one cool guy.


2014-01-18 11:07:45

Sad to see you go, you're one of my favourite contributors on this website. But, if you feel you need to move on, then I wish you all the best in the future!

Hyptosis responds:



2014-01-18 12:28:50

I do hope you'll make games in the distant future, more for your own enjoyment, than a necessary financial evil. It's been more than wonderful having you here. Good luck with your new career, it sounds like it going to be difficult... but potentially amazing as well. My best regards to you and your family.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much man, I'm sure I'll return eventually, when I have my drive again. I know my life is going to be very consumed with this job until I'm done with it, so I wanted to have a good bye with everyone.


2014-01-18 12:58:06

well, i hope you will not leave NG for good, because you're one of my favorite artists in here.

why do you leave?

Hyptosis responds:

I'm not inspired anymore and I've had a great job offer that will keep me from being at home or settled at all. I'll still stop by, I just likely will no longer be providing anything. Not for a while.


2014-01-18 13:27:06

Best of luck with your life Hyptosis, you were always a dude whenever we've spoke.
Keep drawing.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah man, you're awesome and one of my best Newgrounds friends. Always kinda wanted to wrestle a crocodile with you, I dunno.


2014-01-18 14:26:43

Dude, you fucking rock, like, you're one of my favorite NG'ers, and best wishes for you and your future!
Good luck!

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you SO much man! You too!


2014-01-18 14:28:36

We're are going to miss you and your games, I enjoyed your games, and I always giggled like a girl whenever i saw that you uploaded something. I hope you upload some stuff in the future, but we will always be here for you. I hope you have a great life, and be careful! I hope you find a job that you like and gives you all the money you need.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much. I'll come back one day, when life is a bit more settled and I'm inspired again. Thanks!


2014-01-18 14:54:11

I am going to really miss you; I greatly enjoyed your work. Good luck on with your new job though! : )

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much! Stay cool. ^_^


2014-01-18 17:23:06

Ever since I played Alice and the Sagittarian series, I liked your style. It really makes me sad to see you leave and I do hope you come back. I'm definitely going to miss your storytelling! Can't be replaced. :(
Good luck on your new ways!

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you a lot. One day I'll come back, and I'll be inspired again and will have my old drive to create.


2014-01-18 18:46:47

The best of luck to you, man. It's not pleasant to hear that you're moving away from game development, but I hope your future will be a prosperous one. I'll always rate your abilities as an artist: the style of your works is fantastic.

Do take care of yourself, and again, may the road ahead be a successful one for you.


Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much, it really means a lot.


2014-01-18 18:50:57

Call me pussy if you want but a tear dropped down my cheek.

I liked ALL of your games, even though some of them were a bit under your standards.
I can't believe we're loosing the creator of Alice is Dead, one of the most twisted and incredible point and click games ever. which set a new example and quality minimum for other games of it genre.
Or, remembering other great games by you, KingdomOfLiars/Hood, which created an entire universe that could be develop to end up like a huge novel; or The Sagitarian, one of the few zombie games that I find really original and worth playing repeatedly.
We're loosing one of the most emblematic developers on the web. I hope you guys respect that and remember him not only as Daniel Harris, but as Hyptosis.

May you find what you search for and the best of luck to you. I just hope that you will eventually find your own way and you'll get all you wish for.
Thanks for being so great.

And really, never let anyone tell you otherwise: you have done great, and there shall be no regret for all what you've done, so don't let anything stop you and keep your chin up, even when the world turns its back to you.

Farewell, man. And again, good luck.


Hyptosis responds:

Man, wow. Thank you so much. I'm really very touched. Thanks dude.


2014-01-18 19:12:58

It's hard to believe. I just returned to newgrounds after many weeks away from home and the thing I do is say, "hey I wonder if Hyptosis has anything new!". I will always remember your games, because for me they were more than that. They were amazing worlds to explore and discover, fantastical stories full of imagination and twisted wonderful art.
Alice is Dead will always remain as one of my favorite games.
The sagitarian was an amazing thrill with great narrative that also put to test my zombie apcalipse survival skills, so thank you for that. I now feel ready to survive.
Hood, Kingom of Liars, Brinn... I have to say I enjoyed every game (even that freaking frustraiting Rise that I couldn't finish becasue of the last boss).
I guess besides the engaging stories I reallly enjoyed your art, it is quite distinctive and beautiful. I hope that even if you quit making games, you continue making more of your fantastical art.

I wish you the best in your new job and moving to a new country!

Farewell and Thank you very much.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words. World building is what I love most, it is true. After some time away I'm sure I'll want to create again, and maybe I'll come back! I love it here, and I'm not really 'leaving' other than because I won't actually be here at home, have my computer, etc. Or I'd still hang around and check stuff out. Thanks for the supportive words, it means a lot. ^_^


2014-01-18 19:27:13

sad sad news my friend. I just got the chance to actually talk to you after all these years of following your games, and now its just a farewell. I totally understand though, life is life, you got to move on and follow your own road. We will still be here with arms wide open waiting for your return.
Best of Luck

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much man, you're awesome.


2014-01-18 19:59:48

I already messages you on Twitter, but this gives me a chance to write something a bit more meaningful. I've been a somewhat silent follower of your games for a while now, I got started with The Sagittarian games and have played many others since. You even offered me some kind words in regards to my own game development recently which meant a lot considering that I look up to your own work.

I don't know the full story behind the new job and can't claim to know you well personally, but nonetheless, I hope everything turns out in your favour and you find the lost inspiration again. The community here will definitely miss you as you're one of the best and most frequent contributors

Good luck with the new job, I certainly envy the chance to travel and I hope you do swing by this place every now and then.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much, and good luck! Keep on working man! RPGs are the bomb!


2014-01-18 21:33:47

Sorry to hear that. For what it's worth, you're part of the reason I began making games for Newgrounds. The first time I played Alice is Dead, I felt immersed in a way that I never have before in a flash game. Then it came to me that I didn't need to have a big shot studio to make a game where someone can lose themselves. It was definitely a turning point for me. At the same time, I can't blame you either, I haven't released a game in a couple years, so I know how it feels to feel unmotivated. But that's on me. I just wanted to thank you for that initial spark that got me going, and I hope everything works out for you in the future :)

Hyptosis responds:

I"m touched that I was able to inspire you in any way. It's not something I ever thought I'd be able to do back when I was younger. Inspire someone else. Keep it up man, create things! Thanks for the kind words.


2014-01-19 02:32:46

It was cool working with you, even though it only lasted about two days D:

Take care man, and I hope to see you around again. You kick ass.

Hyptosis responds:

Yes sir! You too!


2014-01-19 11:18:12

man i love your games. goodluck to your new job.

Hyptosis responds:



2014-01-19 11:22:47

That's sad. When I joined Newgrounds and played Alice is Dead, I thought it has a very interesting, fresh perspective on the original story; and also - woah, there are actually people who draw like that?! Is it even possible? Then I discovered Hood and played all the episodes in one sitting, with shaky hands, breathing slowly. Actually a little scared and very curious. It was a completely new lore - complex, deeply thought-through and unlike anything I've seen or read before; supported by the great art and story-telling ability. The Kingdom of Liars and the other games enhanced that feel.

Of course the comments must be getting a bit more sour over time. People who love your games have already said that on numerous occasions and may feel like it will get old if they repeat it too often (especially with a person as productive as you), so they don't post jolly reviews as much as before. And the others tend to compare your games to your older ones, to 'your standard', but they don't realise that nothing can be as good or better than the older games if they won't let you try something new. Personally, I was really looking forward to your Starshroud game - an old-styled RPG, exploration and character interaction? I'd love to play that.
From your post, it seems like you need a break to regain energy and get fresh ideas, but don't let it be your swan song. You have truly inspired a lot people to create their own works and each of them will be patiently waiting for your return. Shaky hands, breathing slowly. ;)

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me. I can't imagine anyone liked something I worked on, so much. It's very touching, thank you for letting me know. I am going to try to still work on Starshroud a few times a year, and I want to return to KoL one day. I just don't know when that will be. Thanks, stay cool.


2014-01-19 13:44:50

Well man, I think quality over quantity is generally the best route. You do tons of games per year.
I didn't release anything for a whole year, we'll see if that pays off.

Not saying what you did anything wrong, just something for us to think about. I mean, generally if you're going to get a game sponsored, it's better than they don't have too much quality in it to find financial gain in it.


Dat offer. Where you working at now?

Hyptosis responds:

I'm not supposed to say actually, where my new job is. Thanks for the support, man. Cowboy Bebop rocks :P


2014-01-20 01:13:50

come back atleast in a couple of years
and atleast post some art once in a while broseph
atleast stick to point and clicks when you do come back

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I'll certainly try to make time to visit when I can. ^5


2014-01-20 11:27:12

Well, It's your choice to make...
But know that you WILL be missed by a great many of us fans.
Thank you for the great times, and good luck with your life!

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!


2014-01-20 14:38:00

Very bad news, sir! Your games and art give me inspiration.
I hope that you will have a way to return sometime to the job you like best.
So, I wish you that game and art development could bring you enough cash for all expences and to bring you joy to continue more. You got that special talent which makes your games unique and incredibly interesting.

Personally, I paid the very first visit to Newgrounds to play Alice is Dead.
And in the last months I was reloading your page daily to see whether there is something new.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for all the nice things you have to say about me. It is very touching. I think one day when I return, my products will be a lot better. I'll have less on my mind, and I'll be more inspired.


2014-01-20 19:10:11

You've made some great games. I hope you enjoy your new job or find a way to work back to do things you enjoy.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!


2014-01-21 15:18:33

It has been a while since I've been on Newgrounds, I only just got back on today. The first thing I look for is you. I knew where to find you, "Best Games of the Year", because they are no less. I have just now finished playing "Kingdom of Liars 3" and was so eager to play the next part. I came to your page and thought to myself that I never took the time to read your posts... how selfish of me, I had only used you for your wonderful games without even attempt at reading the posts you wrote for us players, artists, inspiration searchers. Today I decided to read your posts, because perhaps you were going to talk about how exciting it was to bring all these series together, how fun it is to weave older games in to the newer games that invoke the thought of how they're in the same universe that you made.. But I was in for a surprise, and I don't know if I could have done anything to change this, if one real comment on an episode could have made this all change. If one from all your followers could have changed this. I wish you could still enjoy this job, making the best games year after year, but I understand that there are more variables in your life that you must attend to other then the appeasement of fans. You have a life, go live it. You have a family? Go love and take care of them. It's a bitter sweet symphony that I wish could have been postponed forever, and that's not how life works, nothing lasts forever. I will look from time to to time on your page to see if you ever submit anything, though I'm prepared for not, but I will still promote your awesome games. Hyptosis, you will be greatly missed by many, it feels almost like a death, a pang in the chest that brings you towards realizations. @};-

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks so much. I didn't want to let anyone down, which is the reason I made this post. I've been working on a few new games, but they're dragging along, they're uninspired. I just need a long break, and this job offer aligned perfectly with how I was feeling.

One day I will finish KoL, if you check my art page you can see SOME of the preproduciton work I had already done, tying Hood and KoL together finally. Something I had been planning for years.


2014-01-22 05:13:09

Walk in peace.

Hyptosis responds: