New Zombie Game Soon

2013-12-04 21:35:16 by Hyptosis

Officially announcing my next title will be a zombie themed survival game based on Where the Rose is Blooming, a previous game of mine.

2780361_138621091591_flash_609043.jpgClick to Play

I hope that it will be a good successor, I'm including everything, plus adding a lot more. And I'm going to try to introduce mini story trees, like Sagittarian. Also more supplies such as energy and water. It's quite an undertaking though, and is very exhausting! Hope you guys dig it.

I debated making the character lead in this one a woman, but after thinking about The Rose some more, I decided to actually make it the same character. Since this is a sequel, really a rebuilt and expanded version even, I thought it was only fitting.


Since a major complaint before was that the game was endless, my idea was that you see how long you can survive. This time there will be an ending, a goal to reach. No more endless survival.

Anyway, thanks, hope it will be done in the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts! I'll hear/read them all! Stay cool guys!


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2013-12-04 21:37:03

totally wanna lp this!


2013-12-04 21:55:56

Stop making so many games, making me feel slow ._.

Hyptosis responds:

haha, sorry! :D (I'm not really sorry. >_>)


2013-12-04 22:20:34

Another Great Game

Hyptosis responds:



2013-12-04 22:52:17

Part of me is like Oh how awesome ANOTHER zombie game from ALL the MANY others.
And the other part is like maybe it has some cool stuff in it, i guess i'll wait to play it.


2013-12-05 01:24:23

Awesome man. I wish I could make a game with you someday :) keep up the good work

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah maybe we can! I only allow myself one collab at a time though and I have one right now. ;_;


2013-12-05 09:45:41

Hyptosis, you're so energetic that you inspire others. Will never calm down x)
What do you think about Frontier?
It has open world and traveling. Do you think it's worth implementing something like that?

Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks dude. I'm checking it out now, generally games with dynamic movement in them take way too long to code and get working for it to be worth my time sadly. The more simple I keep my games, the more popular they tend to be.

That game has a real cool travel option. I didn't plan for anything like that in this one, and adding it would be a pain at this stage, however, it's a real good idea. Thanks for sharing it with me, I really liked it. I will give that some thought for future games.


2013-12-05 11:50:32

Sounds great! I always get excited for a zombie game from you, not only beacuse I love those games, It's also beacuse you don't make zombie games often and it's the least supernatural genre than all your other work. That must be also a reson why Sagittarian series were successful. So I've ben thinking, since you made a lot of action games that always involved killing, what if you make (for once) a real modern war game? I would love a game like that especially in Sagittarian style as a story with many scenes and several decisions. Just instead of a zombie apocalypse, there would be resistance, human economic crysis, retaliation or something like that...

Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks dude, honestly though real modern stuff kinda stirs no interest in me at all. MAYBE like a crime related game, or some kind of revenge movie deal. Something like Sin City or something I could get into. Generally I'm only interested in scifi and fantasy though. Dunno why.

It's a good idea though making other story games like Sagi, I HAVE thought about that. I'll give it some more though, something like that as a scifi would be fun, but drawing lots of scifi elements can be very taxing.


2013-12-05 19:11:10

Faster, harder, Hyptosis.

Hyptosis responds:



2013-12-05 19:27:22

It should be interactive


2013-12-06 00:46:17

I know whatcha mean, I feel ya lol. More than anything i'd love to do the mansion story i emailed you, i believe you're the only one who can bring that to life to a game. Would be interesting to have a mystery/horror game to your collection...well you DO have the Alice Is Dead series though lol but I love stuff like that.