Spellsword and News

2013-09-18 04:08:32 by Hyptosis

First, I'd like to get everyone's opinions on Spellsword! I hope to be able to find the time and money, especially the money, to expand on it to and to make an actual game from it. I've always wanted to, but these types of things are HARD to make, so much focus and energy and attention to detail.


I'm also working on Kingdom of Liars 4, the feedback from the 3rd one has been pretty great. A lot of players really seemed to connect many of the dots that I was hoping they would; spanning my entire series. It really made my week reading everyone's posts, feedback, ideas and advice. I got a lot of responses and advice, and if I didn't respond, it was only because I'm so busy working on the next one! Thank you all so much for the support, it means so much. And the support from Newgrounds has made this possible for me. This has been a great year for me and my future is looking brighter and brighter.

So, thank you, everyone.

(Below is a tiny bit of art from one of my next projects.)

Spellsword and News


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2013-09-18 04:50:00

It wasn't till the very end, I recognized that little demo you put together using flixel a while back! I'm really glad I could send ya a few bucks, to keep you in business :)

Hyptosis responds:

I really appreciate the support man! I'm very excited about my upcoming projects and every bit helps. ^5


2013-09-18 06:09:46

good but needs more in the beging art good beging like a boss u can fight and missions needs to be more of to like start out in a smill one then work u way to the elf and help people on the way to herthings like that and a fight system is good sorry for spelling i need to get to bed


2013-09-18 07:55:38

It died on me after i got one shimmer stone and then tried to open the force wall, agh so much reading but so far so good.

Hyptosis responds:

Did it crash or freeze up r?


2013-09-18 11:12:17

It sucks for those like me, not owning a credit card.

Hyptosis responds:

No biggie, thanks for playing!


2013-09-18 11:29:42

It was pretty nice for a demo. A small taste of the story, a glimpse at the mythos and the world itself. The only thing I suppose I could complain about is that there was absolutely no combat, which I assume would be a large part of that game, though obviously I don't know. Anyway it will be nice to see it completed one day, if time and funds allow you to do so.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, combat engine is like, the hardest part to make really. And super vital for entertainment, you can't skimp on something like that. Thanks!


2013-09-18 13:06:43

I enjoyed it for just the art and the story.
Traveling and dialogue initiation may be the only interactive elements required.
That way, you can cut down the costs and release an interactive FF2-styled novel!
That'd be really neat!

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, my first plan is to complete the game without a battle system, so you can just play through the story from start to finish. Then, I can go back and focus on JUST making the battles interesting and fun along the way.


2013-09-18 18:53:50

went a bit off the handle on spellsword cause i was just gettin into it so i went beserk


2013-09-18 19:10:07

Can I have one of those backgrounds


2013-09-19 06:52:53

It freezes, time and time again.


2013-09-19 20:35:41

this game is pretty good it reminds me of The Day


2013-09-22 01:22:08

What I've appreciated is your use of black female supporting/main characters somtimes added in your games. Your art is always on a superior level.

As for SpellSword, I remember this from the bug test. It doesn't feel right to leave a review on the game, as I feel this could have been a video submission. You walk, you talk. The end.
For being such a narrative and scenery chewing experience, I would have liked to see some personality from all the major characters honestly.
I hope this doesn't come across as any kind of attack, as you are honest in your attempt and determined. I hope you do succeed in your dreams. But i just don't know enough about where you would take this particular project, and like a season pass for mysterious DLC, I'm not sure I would want to be on board.