An Old Memory Surfaced Today

2013-08-25 05:48:53 by Hyptosis

When I was around 13, after school my mother would keep me locked out of the house until she got home. I don't know if she didn't trust me with a key, or just didn't trust me in the home alone. So I'd just wander around the neighborhood all day, hungry and bored. Not starving or anything, but you know, after school, you were hungry.

Anyway, there was this kind old lady I met one day, she was feeding these dogs and having some trouble with them (they were knocking stuff over, banging into her, etc) so I helped her feed them and we talked. Then she gave me some cake, it was the best. For a long time, maybe 8 months or so, while we still lived there anyway, I would visit her after school and help her with her dogs and she would feed me and we'd talk about books and stuff.

I remember she had a lot of animals because strays would show up and she'd feed them. I didn't 'get' this at the time, now I see I too was a stray in some ways. Anyway, I'm 17 years older now. And I realized today that I can't remember her name. Or if I ever really knew it. I SHOULD have, but I can't remember it. She's just a nice old smiling face in my memory.

I just wanted to tell someone I guess. She was a really nice lady who touched me in my youth. I feel bad that we moved away and I never saw her again. I hope I was able to say goodbye, and I hope she enjoyed my visits as much as I did.

An Old Memory Surfaced Today


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2013-08-25 07:51:43

Everyone has it's own good memories. Sometimes those memories get so old, you start thinking, was this a dream?


2013-08-25 10:42:22

Those feels man. She probably remembers you too :)


2013-08-25 13:49:46

Aww... That's so sweet.
You should look up the address and see if you can't pay her a visit some day. :)

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I thought about that today. I remember where her home was, but I strongly suspect she wouldn't be there anymore. She was very old even then, when I was in my early teens. I suppose there is the slim chance, and maybe her children still own the place or something. I might look into it. ^_^


2013-08-25 14:51:21

Are you guys making an Alice Is Dead movie :P

Hyptosis responds:

Maaaaybeeee >_>


2013-08-25 18:08:06

Maybe Sab has a point... although, it sounds like something from a Stephen King novel, like 'It', if you were to go back. Still, it might be a good thing to go back and ask around, one fine weekend... who knows, maybe she has a sweet grand-daughter!

Your work here is not unlike feeding strays...... thanks man!

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, leave me out of the Stephen King novels please! Egads! :P


2013-08-25 21:17:15

I read and now im sad because there was a man that lived across the street named nick and ,we would have fun and play games. That story reminds me of him. His son moved next door to me and my mom and grandma. Years passed and he kept getting hurt all the time and also his wife was getting hurt too. Until one day he was getting upstairs when his back started to ache and he was in so much pain that...he let go of the rail and fell . He couldnt talk he was dying but he brought his son Rick in and said to him "Ill see you on the other side". He died on Ricks birthday and he was only 78 years old but he is in a better place now. sniff :(
P.S. I like your story. ;]

Hyptosis responds:

Wow, yeah ;_;


2013-08-25 21:18:29

I think she remembers you

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks ^_^


2013-08-25 22:22:23

This is... really touching, i'm kinda tearful after reading this... HOLD BACK THOSE EMOTIONS GOD DAMMIT!

Anyway.... I gotta say, this is almost like... I dunno, it's just sweet. To have those great memories of people who really have made an impression on you, those are, like, the best memories. I dunno, i'm bad at writing stuff about this, but, anyway, great story, really hope you remember her name again!

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah it is. Thank you so much for the kind words. :)


2013-08-26 04:40:11

Reminds me of my friend Robert. We were both born in 1992, but he was almost an entire year older than me. I remember this one time my family had a cubic buttload of vegetables from the garden that we simply couldn't eat, so I went around the neighborhood asking people if they wanted some vegetables. That's when I met him. We'd been best friends since.

He died on August 4th, 2008, while out camping with his family. Near as any of us know, he died in his sleep. Sometimes I think of him and wind up crying with a straight face. I rarely cry, and usually when I do, it's with a straight face.

Good times have been gone for five years of my life. For you, though, you might meet that lady again. Might be by chance or intent, but there's always that possibility. Just keep your head up.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.


2013-08-26 20:53:56

sad stories


2013-08-26 22:35:39

This reminds me of the first town I lived in. I was a little kid not even 5 yet, but I was still very adventurous. Next door to us was an elderly lady who always gave me cookies and let me play with a phone that dated back to the 1930s. It was black plastic like with a crank instead of dial. She would tell me stories of what it was like before electricity came to that town and how fields were plowed with horses. At that young I called her Granny and she really enjoyed our family. As I got older I years after we moved away from that town I learned her real name. Being we still owned the house next to her for years after it gave me a chance to see her as I became a teenager. A couple years after that we sold the house and I never saw her again. She called us once before I graduated from high school and at first I was confused as she was quite old and could hardly hear. Once I realized it was her I was thrilled. The whole family put her on speaker phone so we could talk to her. It was the last time I ever heard her voice. She was a source of kindness in my life that I never want to forget. About a year or so ago we received the program flyer from the funeral home that took care of her after she died. Even though she died at about 101 years of age from complications of Alzheimers disease, she had made it know to her family that she wanted our family to know of her passing. She knew that being so far away we could not attend the funeral, but I was honored to know that even in death her kindness still reached us. Even when my own family was on hard times.


2013-08-27 08:43:21

"She was a really nice lady who touched me in my youth."
She touched you? Erm...


2013-08-27 13:46:59

Cool Story.

I have some memories of my childhood and teenages too. It's very nice to remember this kind of times when we could just stay somewere and live with these peoples we loved. Unfortunately time does not stop. Now them, then us and so on...


2013-08-27 15:28:03

Oh dear please tell me I see alice is dead making a comeback somehow in that pictures. I loved it as well as hood. Also is it me or is hood and kingdom of liars connected?


2013-08-29 22:34:28

Fun story. :3


2013-08-30 21:46:13

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