Ask me anything! :D

2013-08-03 09:52:27 by Hyptosis

Thought I'd do one of these, seems amusing, ask me whatever you want. I'll answer truthfully, or sarcastically. I promise! :P I also like to pretend sometimes that I have something important to say. :P Here is a screenshot from my next game. Along with a sponsorship logo in the lower right for when I find one. (lol, ;_;)

Ask me anything! :D


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2013-08-03 10:03:30

What is your favorite all time game? I have another question but I'd limit it to one per person.

Hyptosis responds:

My favorite game of all time, that's a tough one. I think it might be Arcanum. I also hold a special place in my heart for Final Fantasy 6. ^_^ Arcanum inspired me to make games myself.


2013-08-03 10:05:11

Hyptosis, I have a question! Ooo! Pick me!
(Two actually)

What are your thoughts on how the planet will die and what's your favourite type of sweet food?

Thank you for your time, sorry for the sheer randomness, but hey, comes with the name.


Hyptosis responds:

I think the planet will likely die by falling into the sun right? If you mean human life, then probably generic resource consumption. We're fully aware of it as a problem and have made nearly zero efforts to prepare for it as a species.

My favorite sweet food is likely chocolate cake or rootbeer. I’m a simple man with simple tastes.


2013-08-03 10:09:01

Hello Hyptosis, I was wondering what your thoughts are when it comes to feet photography and proper lighting. If I want to capture the true sinful essence of toes, should I use natural lighting or should I use my camera's flash? I only ask because I heard that sudden bursts of intense light can stimulate hair growth and I have trouble shaving my feet because of my bad back.


Hyptosis responds:

Yak penis is a Chinese delicacy and is also known as "Dragon in the Flame of Desire". It is most commonly served in the Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing which is famous for serving penis and testicle dishes, the yak penis dish is very popular as it is supposed to be very good for your skin!


2013-08-03 10:21:14

I got an art question for ya, brah.
How do you... finish your artwork? I mean, I see that you've got a scanner, so do you sketch out your pieces? Then, after scanning, do you use any art programs?
Anyway, this looks really cool, can't wait to play it!

Hyptosis responds:

Generally I pencil on paper, then ink with a simple ballpoint pilot and do line weights with a prismacolor brush tip. They don't make the micro ballpoints anymore that I used to use, and I'm on my last one. So I'm pretty sad about having to find a new generic inking pen. I erase the pencils, scan, and color in photoshop. If I'm in a hurry, like always, I skip penciling and just ink on paper, then fix mistakes in photoshop and then color. If I'm SUPER in a hurry, I go all digital, but it usually isn't my best work. I use photoshop only, I don't really know how to use any other software. Thanks!


2013-08-03 11:02:29

what a re the chances of getting a 3d puzzle on the next season of Hood? (yes i already assumed there is a part 2 of hood haha)

also what do you enjoy more to make, rpgs, turn based games, or point and clicks?

Hyptosis responds:

I think I probably enjoy making rpg types, but they're much more labor intensive. They're harder to program, they need more art, etc. Point and Clicks are probably the easiest, and I feel like I'm still working in comics when I do them. Which is nice. I would say rpgs though. There are 4 episodes of Hood already, and that story arch is complete. However the Hood characters will be turning up very soon in a new project, so that should be fun to explore. I'm looking forward to letting players get to know Cameron some.


2013-08-03 13:59:49

(Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite of the franchise. They need to reiterate the Esper system in the future)
What is your ultimate goal in your career? Is there a point you can say "Okay I can relax and enjoy my status," as it were.

Hyptosis responds:

The Esper system was the best, I agree. My career, that's a good question. I'm actually far less successful now than I used to be. I've done commercial work for Pepsi, I've done story boards for movies, concept work for few big movies, Cowboys & Aliens and Van Hellsing. I've done a bunch of interior work for pen and paper stuff, some novels and stuff too, nothing big just random stuff. Oh, I also worked in comics for a few years, but that was hell. I never want to work in comics ever again. But I just really enjoy making games. I enjoy not having a boss. :P If I could make about 1/3rd more what I make now, I'd be content to just make small time free indie games for the rest of my life. Or to join with a small team to make games so I wouldn't have to code as much. I hate it. :P As is, I still have to take contract work on the side to make ends meet.


2013-08-03 14:15:00

Since you've made many zombie and other survival point and clicks, what would be your impressions on the "Dead Frontier: Outbreak" and DFO 2 by JaggedBladeSoftware?
(best point and click survival adventure game in my opinion)

Hyptosis responds:

Anything Dead Frontier is awesome! They're pretty good games, I like that they're voiced. Much more polished than my games. I tend to make things pretty gritty, loose, sketchy, rough. Or at least I try to. I've never been a clean artist nor a clean writer. I also work alone, so sometimes I have to make compromises to meet deadlines.


2013-08-03 14:18:30

FF6 and tactics made me want to make games.

Which genre of game do you dislike the most?

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah Tactics was nice too, always felt like they could have done more with it. It was so pretty and cool. I probably dislike sports games the most. I'd rather play sports in real life than pretend to on a screen. There is no creativity. I'd rather eat a bullet than work at a studio that makes sports games. Can you imagine the torture? I prefer things to be more outlandish and exciting, exotic and unusual. And I like to care. I don't care about sports. I like just about all other types of games I think. FPS, RTS, any story driven stuff, all of it. Anything creative.


2013-08-03 15:22:42

what to you think of the air?

Hyptosis responds:

I think it is pretty darn great.


2013-08-03 16:00:44

hyptosis! 1: if you where to make a movie, what would that movie be?? (scenario, genre)?? you are an amazing artist so 2: if you where to remake leonardo da vinci's mona lisa how would you exactly do it?? (imagine you lived at that era and mr. leonardo had hired you to paint it yourself with 100% freedom)...... sorry but i had 2 questions..... i absolutely love your work man, you are a true artist that deserve to be famous!
love to everyone

Hyptosis responds:

If I made a movie, that's tough. It's very likely it'd be a dark fantasy if budget and all of that wasn't a concern. In a magical world where we all get to do what we want, I'd probably want to make dark fantasy movies. Things like Game of Thrones, Valhalla Rising, Pathfinder, 13th Warrior. Conan! Spartacus, Gladiator. These are my favorite kinds of movies and tv shows.

If I was to paint the Mona Lisa, with my current brain, I’d make her punk no doubt, or maybe a warrior. Something strong that would probably have gotten me killed at the time. That’s a tough one to answer. Really, the painting itself is most famous for it’s history, and not so much what/who it is of. There are a million more interesting paintings (in my opinion) from similar times that get little recognition. I also would have painted a flying saucer in the background.


2013-08-03 18:04:05

Would you say post-secondary education is over-rated? What kind of education experience got you to where you are today? Any recommendations to new and upcoming content creators?

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, education is a tough one. I did two years of community, an one year of art school and then dropped out because it was too expensive and I felt as if I was learning nothing. I never got a degree. Honestly, what you need more than anything is discipline in my opinion. You need to burn up massive amounts of time to learn to paint and draw on your own. In my experience, all college and art school does for artists, is MAKE you study. You can do that on your own.

I feel like I learned nothing in college, and everything I know, programing, art software, everything, I learned on my own. If you're going to go to college, I say go for something besides art. If you're planning to go for art, use that money to buy supplies and teach yourself. Most game companies and such care more about your work experience and portfolio than if you have a piece of paper. I've gotten tons of offers based on my track record, not my degree. (There is not one.) I was also accept and attended a very good art school, it was SO hard to get in, and I was not impressed. It was certainly fun though. :P

I say, decided on what you want to create, and jump in with both feet. Failing is learning, so set out to fail a lot until you succeed. That’s what I always try to do.


2013-08-03 19:15:10

Hey Hyptosis, two questions:
Your characters tend to be pretty sarcastic. Do you giggle to yourself a lot while writing the dialogues?
Also, do you set yourself deadlines for some of your works, and if so, do you tend to panic-eating or starvation when nearing them?
Ok, I lied. Three questions:
Are there any classical artist that you admire especially?

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I think any snarky sarcasm is probably just my natural nature. I try not to behave like my characters in my day to day, but the thoughts are obviously there or I wouldn’t write them for the characters. :P I don’t think I giggle to myself, I don’t think I’m aware I’m doing it half the time.

I do set rigid deadlines for my own work. For various reasons. Sometimes it’s because I want to find a sponsor before the end of the month, or I just don’t want to blow too much time on any one thing. Or I find I just work well under a tight schedule. I don’t mess around and I focus more knowing each tick is less time to polish. It doesn’t always pay off though. Sometimes a game feels rushed or something, but that’s just part of it. I want to make things, even if they’re not perfect every time. I don’t want to spend forever making a single thing that may never be done. I have pretty good eating habits to counter all the chair sitting I do all day. I might starve myself sometimes towards the end, just because I’m excited and forget to eat.

I mostly like french and italian comic artists. Milo Mannara, Barbara Canepa, Alessandro Barbucci, Massimiliano Frezzato. Classic, John William Waterhouse, Bob Ross if you count him. :P I do.


2013-08-03 19:52:32

If you could re-do any famous painting, what would it be? Also, what inspired you to become an artist?

Hyptosis responds:

I suppose I could repaint any painting now if I really wanted. :P Like, digitally or something. I've heard of artists repainting classic artists in hops of learning form them too. I've never done it. Maybe like, something Van Gogh did. :P


2013-08-03 20:16:58

will you be able to make any mmos?
if so will it be turn based? or one of those mmos that is keyboard controlled?

Hyptosis responds:

I have zero interest in multiplayer games. I'm sure it'd be fun if I was a zillionaire, but I'm not. Making games is hard, making mmos is impossible unless you're some big company that can afford the gamble.


2013-08-03 20:50:33

Have you ever heard of Homestuck? If you have heard of it and read it, what was your opinion on it?

Hyptosis responds:

I have heard of it, I've checked it out a few times but have never been able to get into it. It doesn't make any sense to me! I dunno why. ^_^


2013-08-03 21:19:37

Well hey man, let me know if you need any voice acting for any of your games. /statement

Hyptosis responds:

Will do! I wish I could put more voice work in my games, but they tend to inflate the game size so much and it causes them to spread less online. I'm going to try to do more voiced games in the future though. In my experience, games under 5 megs get the most international plays.


2013-08-03 22:31:37

What's a paladin?

Hyptosis responds:

Paladins are holy knights, I think the word came from french knights of the church or something? I'm not historian. :P


2013-08-03 23:59:34

u r a great zombie game creator do u have any news on a new zombie game U KILL EM ALL!!!

Hyptosis responds:

My next zombie game is a ways off, however I think it will be my best yet. I hope so anyway!


2013-08-04 00:07:47

Hey :D
If you couldn't draw and make games as brilliantly as you do, what would you do with your life? Like what, aside from what you do now, would be your dream job?

Hyptosis responds:

I might just try to be a farmer. It's kinda crazy but I grew up a farmer, an only child way out in the Ozark woods. I still grow a third of my own food yearly, which helps with money of course, and I enjoy the outside. I just enjoy story telling more. I might would like to be a writer too, but that is a seriously cut throat business and you have to be very lucky to be given a chance. If I was filthy rich, I'd probably start a publishing company, and seek out unknown artists and writers, and give them a chance to be seen with my own cash. Dreams.


2013-08-04 01:50:50

What is sympathy without a heart?

Hyptosis responds:

You mean like, if a robot spares you because it feels pity?


2013-08-04 01:54:27

what is this game ?

Hyptosis responds:

The game is called Rise, it is a post apocalyptic rogue-like. Sort of. ^_^


2013-08-04 02:39:27

Is it hard for you to do motion games

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

It's time consuming, not really hard. But I work alone, and have to be picky about where I spend my time when building games.


2013-08-04 04:09:58

How much catnip could a kitten nip if a kitten could nip cat nip?

Hyptosis responds:

8 catnips. Their body weight wouldn't allow more.


2013-08-04 07:14:43

You metioned Pathfinder. Which one did you mean the original or remake?

Hyptosis responds:

The remake I assume, the one with the vikings. :P Everyone hated it, and I mean, it wasn't the best, but it had cool visuals and I'm a shallow bastard.


2013-08-04 10:59:39

Whats with the "ERROR-753 VITAL BRIBES" text? It appears almost in all your late games.

Hyptosis responds:

It's a secret code! It's about a future project I will be working on, and maybe already have worked on! :O


2013-08-04 12:15:58

Did you ever consider becoming a comic writer?

Hyptosis responds:

It's a tough field. I've done a few web comics that I wrote, but they were never very successful. I think I'm capable, but I don't think I could write something that would be very popular. I've debated it a lot though, no doubt about it.


2013-08-04 12:43:00

how old r you ? and since when you were drawing ? :)

Hyptosis responds:

I'm 30 years old, I started drawing when I was 18. Before that I studied programming and engineering, but didn't like it. I found I enjoyed making the assets for my project more than building the code for them, so I decided to change my plans.


2013-08-04 18:07:01

Im starting some new art class at my school when the year starts up, so I have been trying to doodle so that i wont enter the class entirely epmty handed. Do you know of any exercises a newbie could do to atleast get them started down the right path?

Hyptosis responds:

That's tough, if the art class is worth its salt they should start you on simple objects. Drawing still life imo is great for beginners. It's boring and all, but it helps you learn to control the pencil and the weight of your arm on objects that never move or get tired. Also, remember to draw from your elbow when you can, your lines will be smoother, don't let you palm rest on the paper too much.


2013-08-04 20:17:43

how do you free hand a drawing? I've been drawing other people's drawings. how do you make your own drawing from scratch?

Hyptosis responds:

I do make my own from scratch. You just gotta do it, find what is hardest for your to draw, and draw it 9 billion times. I wish there was a better answer. If I find I struggle with a specific thing, I go after it until it's mundane.


2013-08-04 20:31:40

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Hyptosis responds:

I'll have to get back to you on that one. It's probably a number though.


2013-08-04 20:59:35

Why did Zoroastrianism fall?

Hyptosis responds:

Because any religion that requires you to cover your head should?


2013-08-05 05:48:13

your most used computer password?

Hyptosis responds:



2013-08-05 05:52:14

Why is my brain really small? :l

Hyptosis responds:

Because it is more efficient?


2013-08-05 06:03:47

hello mate

I'm making 1 online strategy game with my friend and we need artists(for buildings,fields,map....)Can you help me?

Hyptosis responds:

For dollars I can. Can you pay me?


2013-08-05 06:34:18

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

Hyptosis responds:

I watch the hell out of it. Who doesn't!? :D


2013-08-05 09:53:12

add me on skype Travian_fenix

or send gmail


2013-08-05 10:16:02

Pepperoni or sausage?

Hyptosis responds:

I don't actually eat meat, but if I was to, sausage all the way. It smells the best.


2013-08-05 13:03:33

i send you private massage


2013-08-05 14:09:48

Do you prefer livejournal, blogger, or flickr to post your sketches and updates? Or which is the best? I need something that I can post to that people can view any updates/ sketches I have to stay in touch with anyone who wants to when I'm working on a huge project. Thanks!

Hyptosis responds:

I used to use livejournal, but I don't care for their process anymore. It takes too long, I don't really use any of those services anymore. A lot of my artist friends use blogger still.


2013-08-05 14:11:32

which super powers would you chose if you could get three and why?

if you had three free wishes, what would you wish for and why?

what is your opnion of live, death and religion?

i could ask more, but that should be enough for now.

Hyptosis responds:

I would choose the ability to alter any matter into new matter of my choosing. Mind control, and the ability to make food appear instantly with my mind.

Probably for those super powers. Alternatively, probably the usual. Money, power, etc. I'd enjoy being able to do good with it without ruining my own life.

I don't really have an opinion on life and death, enjoy it while you got it. We're all star dust, etc. I don't practice any religion or magic.


2013-08-05 14:13:30

which super powers would you chose if you could get three and why?

if you had three free wishes, what would you wish for and why?

what is your opnion of live, death and religion?

i could ask more, but that should be enough for now.


2013-08-05 17:03:20

Do you just love Heisenberg?

Hyptosis responds:

He scares me.


2013-08-05 23:19:06

Is Skyler a *Insert Jesse's voice* bitch?

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, I heard that if you call Aaron Paul on the phone, he answers, "What up, Bitch?"


2013-08-06 07:58:16

What vegetables, fruits, berries etc. do you like the most? Which ones do you grow?

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

I grow strawberries and grapes for fruit, I don't have any others, vegetable-wise and assortment. Mostly easy stuff. Carrots, potatoes, an assortment of herbs and lettuces, kale, chard etc. Health food. I can't have a lot of sugar or salt for health reasons, and most of us shouldn't anyway :P But I CAN'T, and like, a packet of seeds costs a buck, to produce more than you can eat. It's a great money saver. I do the Harvest Moon thing.

My favorite foods I grow are the strawberries and the potatoes. I freaking loves the potatoes. I love oranges and avocados too, but neither will grow here.


2013-08-06 13:26:48

I'm sure you have it somewhere, but in what kind of area do you live in? I'm assuming you live in America. But what state, north/south/east/west?

Hyptosis responds:

I live in the states, in the bible belt. Missouri. In the Ozarks. Crooked little hills full of crooked little people.


2013-08-06 19:31:44

Can I have a banana?

Hyptosis responds:

Yes, they're on top of the fridge.


2013-08-06 23:46:56

Hey! I love your Sagittarian games and wanted to know if the character Anna was inspired by anyone?
She is awesome. :)

Hyptosis responds:

She actually is based on a real life friend of mine! There are a few differences of course. ^_^


2013-08-07 09:15:56

I like the diverse range of races in your universe/s, the bruins(I think that's what you call them) especially, mainly because your bruin characters all seem to be badass to some degree. I love how Warren just always looks like he is nodding/sighing/growling all the time. You could do some very funny things with him, such as making people acknowledge his adorable fuzziness, before asking to pat him. And when he just stares at them with a weird and amusing combination of pissed of badass and funny man in trench coat with aviators and a bag of lollies, someone who is completely oblivious to social cues just goes ahead and does it. (If he had to deal with this person on a regular basis, because he was some high profile scientist who also happens to be a complete weirdo or something like that, it would be good for more than a few laughs, you are definitely a good enough writer to pull it off)

Weirdo:(pats warren) Such soft floppy ears.
Warren: That is extremely disrespectful.
Weirdo: Oh, sorry.
Warren: I didn't say stop.

I'm just flapping here, the chances of this fitting the plan for any of your stories, let alone you actually using it, are tiny.

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, I"ll give it some thought! :D Thanks!


2013-08-07 09:21:15

I was so busy with my warren tangent that I forgot to ask my question. What inspired warrens race, what ever you actually call it?

Hyptosis responds:

They're inspired by fantasy berserkers. Originally they were supposed to be mean, who turn into wolves when they enrage. Like the hulk, but then I decided to just have them be wolves all the time. Which fits perfectly into the Red Riding Hood story.


2013-08-07 12:26:52

Do you prefer newer or older games?

Hyptosis responds:

Older games for the most part. Snes/Nes era mostly. New games can be good though, and frequently are. But the classics will always hold a special place in my heart.