Kingdom of Liars 3

2013-07-23 19:02:53 by Hyptosis

I've been working on a couple of new projects, three actually.

One is an rpg along the lines of Relic, and I feel like it is pretty strong. But RPGs take FOREVER to make, and they're expensive to make. It has been the most expensive game I've made so far, hiring music and voice acting and yadda yadda, so it is still probably going to be a while before I can release it. Also the file size is expanding rapidly, and I haven't even started the battle mechanics yet.

Second I've been working on Kingdom of Liars 3! I would say it is about 1/3rd complete at this stage. I'm hoping to have it done about the middle of next month, but it's hard to say for sure. You can scope out the first two here and here. I feel like this one, the third, might be the best yet. I've noticed very often the first game of a series does the best and then the sequels gradually do worse as you go. That kind of makes sense, but I'm trying very hard to make this one way better than the first two in hopes of breaking that pattern. We'll see!

And lastly, I'm making a little dungeon crawler, real simple thing along the lines of The Rose is Blooming and Steelcurse. I'm focusing on trying to use less words. I want to use more images, more art and symbols so that a greater number of players from overseas can enjoy the game without worry about understanding the english. My games tend to be VERY heavy on dialogue and words and such, and I want to try to move away from that some. There are some great games that barely use any words at all, if at all. I need to use that part of my brain more.

Kingdom of Liars 3


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2013-07-23 19:17:36

Forever only begins to describe how long rpgs take. Mine is completely opposite cuz I don't start with art: small file size cuz I only have the battle and cutscene mechanics :)


2013-07-23 21:42:32

Hey man, it's okay. Don't rush your projects. They all sound awesome and the last thing anyone wants is for them to be not good because you were afraid that people were getting impatient. Quality over quantity. The idea to use more symbolism sounds really cool as well. As for the sequel concern, the reason sequels don't usually do well is because the sequels are usually rushed, or try to rehash what made the original so good.


2013-07-23 23:19:41

Bro those sound awesome, especially Kingdom of Liars 3 (love that series), and can't wait to play them. But I will cause we all want you to take your time and do them right rather than rush and have a big pile of shit. Good luck and good health.


2013-07-24 09:26:21

man take your time, specially with Kingdom of Liars 3, i remember my frustration with Hood 4 when the very 1st puzzle blocked me, but i finally passed it, and it was awesome, then the time passed, and Kingdom of Liars 2 appeared, but it was too short, nevertheless it leaves a good feel to it, what i want to say is, maybe don't really change the dialogue but the game play, or better said the way in which this is presented, what about dividing the dialogue around the game so it wouldn't come in big batches that may overwhelm and bore the player, but on reasonable lengths after some exploring and going around, without reducing the content of text, that way even if is the same amount of text is not really that tiring since we are doing other things in between, that way we pay less attention to the fact that we are actually doing a lot of reading (and it gives me an excuse to tell you to put more puzzles hahaha).


2013-07-26 09:36:58

But I like tons of text :(
That might be part of why I read Homestuck, though. Or vice versa.


2013-08-04 00:09:11

alice is dead REAL LIFE YUSS

Hyptosis responds:

Orange you going to ask about my hair?


2013-08-06 19:30:25


Hyptosis responds:

I know right?


2013-08-09 20:40:28

O-o yea?