I need some playtesters to scope this out!

2013-05-24 06:46:54 by Hyptosis

I need some play tests, this is just a single map, two rooms but the player can only access one. I need a bunch of people to test it and report any 'lag', sputtering, fps drops. Performance issues of any kind. Let me know what browser you use too if you give it a shot, thanks


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2013-05-24 07:08:36

Runs perfectly for me - I am using Google Chrome, latest version.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks a million! ^5


2013-05-24 08:16:20

Very minimal fps drop when moving around and very slight occasional sputtering (if that means the screen jogs slightly when moving around), but my computer came off the arc. I could probably speed it up if I could just figure out which tubes to replace. It's running the latest firefox.

Hyptosis responds:

Hrmm, k thanks for the info! I'm worried it won't run well on older machines or if it butts heads with any other software. Thanks so much! You rock!


2013-05-24 09:21:00

I didn't notice any problems or lagging. I'm using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Hyptosis responds:



2013-05-24 11:16:35

Works just fine :)

Hyptosis responds:

Awesome, thanks!


2013-05-24 12:40:10

If it is relevant, the map is limitless. You can wander at the right lower corner and the lower edge as much as you wish, if you wish to return you have to walk the way back.


2013-05-24 14:17:54

Worked fine for me, not problems at all. I'm running the latest version of Firefox (21.0) on a middle of the road laptop.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!


2013-05-24 17:12:07

Hey, yeah, that looks and moves sweet! Though, while it loaded, I managed to right click and dumb down the quality.
Upon reload, I let it run unaltered, full blast, and it seemed slightly laggy, and would fear other sprites or effects happening at the same time, could be bad.... Anyway to have a quality setting in the games menu system?
Ran fine for the most part, on a 10 y/o laptop with missing directx capabilities, on FF 21

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the help!


2013-05-24 18:24:23

Playing it on Google chrome latest version.
it took a while to load.
character could move faster.
the transition from screen to screen, flickered a little, while the black faded, only at those moments it lags affecting the fps but is too small a lag.
the main road could do with some barriers so your character doesn't disappear, but since is just a test is fine.

you are doing quite well with this one.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback!


2013-05-24 22:11:58

Yes...It lags super bad...
Or delay. Maybe that's just the code and isn't lag?
Many times when I let go of the arrow key....the guy is still walking for like 1-3 seconds!


Hyptosis responds:

How new is your machine? Thanks!


2013-05-24 22:47:40

"How new is your machine? Thanks!"
Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz
16 gig ram

3-4 years ago.

Wow, thing is , it works fine in Chrome. Think it might just be fire fox. "Sticky Keys".
No lag.

Hyptosis responds:

Hrmm, usually the issues are in chrome, and not firefox. Damn-it, haha, alright thanks man!


2013-05-25 12:08:45

Only able to access one room? i was able to get in both of them. no performance issues
im using firefox right now,

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

It had been updated with more content since I made the blog post! Haha, there is a character to talk to now too. Thank you!


2013-05-25 12:49:25

Runs perfectly for me, I'm using Safari 4.0.4, I got into both rooms as well.

Hyptosis responds:

It had been updated with more content since I made the blog post! Haha, there is a character to talk to now too. Thanks!


2013-05-25 17:40:09

it looks fun i cant wait to play it and it runs smoothly for me

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you for the info!


2013-05-25 20:30:26

Ran it on Chrome first, it was very halted and the character would continue to "glide" in a direction after I released the direction key, then sort of snapping to the next spot on the grid. Ran it on Firefox next and it ran much better, though the movement still looks a bit halted, like if -------- was normal movement, what I saw was - - - - - - - - where the spaces are small pauses. My laptop's one and a half to two years old, x64-based PC, Intel Core i5 2.67 GHz. Hope this helps in some way.

Hyptosis responds:

Damn, there really is no reason for that to happen. That is what I was afraid of, thanks for the info!


2013-05-25 20:48:13

Runs perfectly, no lag, no sticky keys, no problems of any kind. I'm running it on Chrome on mine thoroughly mediocre MSI A6300:
AMD Phenom II Triple-Core @ 1.8GHz,

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much for the info!


2013-05-26 11:27:52

Works fine except for one problem:
Occasionally some of the animations will not play on the background/scenery objects. (IE: The fire in the room you start in.)
Intel HD 3000
Intel i5 @ 2.4GHz
Google Chrome.

Hyptosis responds:

The fire is freezing?


2013-05-27 01:22:00

Everything seems to be in order.
It runs nicely. Graphics look good and all the animations work just fine.
I'm using Google Chrome.

Hyptosis responds:



2013-05-27 08:02:36

Perfect here...
Google Chrome v. 26.0.1410.64 m
Could access both rooms, could talk to the character...
That was it, right?
Looks beautiful, by the way...

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!


2013-05-27 19:55:21


I played it on my Windows 7 Laptop and it worked great. I noticed the transition between rooms was a little laggy in Internet Explorer 10. No problems when I switched to Google Chrome on the same laptop. I just tried it on my Chrome book and I hated the experience. Movement was not just laggy, it was delayed by 2 seconds. Transitioning between the rooms was terrible. Let me know if you want system specs on both devices and software.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback!


2013-05-27 23:50:31

I tested 3 browsers (Chrome, FF, IE) and it worked mostly the same. Fire/Smoke animations exactly the same, lag between indoors/outside same. Only issue I saw was in Chrome, sometimes making the char walk against interior walls caused the screen to shake. It did it all the times I used Chrome, but in one case going outside and back in stopped it. To repeat, did not happen in IE or FF.
As some testers might be using new hardware, I also used my oldest computer, which runs on XP, 300Hz and has 1.5 GB. I ran into no slowdown on any browser.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback!


2013-06-07 00:59:57

Hey Hyptosis. It seemed to work fine for me in Firefox, although if you right click while the character is moving, she gets "stuck" moving in that direction and it's really hard to unstick her. I know that's a pretty common thing in these kinds of games. Have no idea how you could remedy it though.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the feedback, it helps!