I love world building.

2013-05-18 01:05:16 by Hyptosis

It's true.

I wish I could find a job where all I had to do all day is world build.

I thought I'd list a few games here on NG that inspire me, and then talk about the finale of Kingdom of Liars! It's coming out very soon! I really hope you guys dig it.

Micro Dungeon
This game is so cool. I love the simplicity, the effective to-the-pointness. It knows what it is. I'm sad more people didn't enjoy it. Hell, throw a retro tileset on this and I'd be in hog heaven.

Cardinal Quest
Cardinal Quest did pretty well, as it should have. I just ate this game up. I feel like it got everything right. It's quick to play, easy to play, and just fun. I love the art, the sounds, everything. It has a lot of what I love about roguelikes, without a lot of the things I hate about them.

Random Heroes
The art. I know it's simple, I know the gameplay isn't revolutionary or anything. But I loved this game all the way through. Everything reads well, the guns are all fun even if they're not all useful. And I encountered zero bugs, the controls feel really good to me.

take care of the trees
What an interesting little gem this is. I mean, honestly, it's barely a game. But the emotion, the feel, the atmosphere. I envy this. I wish I could catch mere seconds in my games that have such a great thought provoking feeling. This game right here inspires me.

KINGDOM OF LIARS will be coming out very soon! I finished the second installment, and it is also the finale. I might like to do more episodes that take place in Ashbane in the future, with recurring characters and such. I tried to make the puzzles a bit more easy and smooth this time in hopes that the story doesn't get held up by a too challenging or poorly designed puzzle. I also focused more on story-telling this time. We shall see, it will probably be released monday. Follow me so you will be alerted when I release it!

Thanks everyone! Stay cool! :D


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2013-05-18 02:02:02

then get the job


2013-05-18 08:08:20

World building? Aren't you already building an universe with all your games, art, and story?

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, that is pretty much why I do it. :P


2013-05-18 09:49:27


Hyptosis responds:

^5 Rock on!


2013-05-18 10:43:37

I cant stand all these rpg maker type games, but since I like your games I gave em a shot.
Cardinal Quest I actually enjoyed, the rest could take a hike, haha especial that take care of the trees bullshit.

people need to stop labeling shit as experimental, when its obviously just a half ass/ unfinished game.

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, it's a matter of taste I suppose, thanks though! I can see why someone might not like them. :D


2013-05-18 10:48:58

btw your tilesets are friggin nuts.
you should upload them at opegameart.org as well, they are starving for stuff like that.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man, I've actually already put them over there, I think they're pretty popular, I get tons of emails about them all the time. It's pretty cool. ^_^


2013-05-18 14:57:40

i wish sony would hire you

Hyptosis responds:

I'm actually working on a game that is being payed for by Sony right now, although, I'm not working for them, I'm working for someone, working for them. :P


2013-05-18 17:14:18

Hey, this is the kinda thing I'm working on right now! I'll have to have you test it for me when I've got a bit done. :)

Hyptosis responds:

You just say the word man and I'm there!


2013-05-18 17:59:08

still your art would be so awesome for maps and cave drawings and fantasy cartoonish games
cause your a boss


2013-05-19 09:10:44

Huge fan of yours Hyptosis, although I love you best when you slow down, take your time, and really flesh out the gameplay. I think it's the puzzles that use a cheap gimmick to make them hard that get people annoyed (important component in a weird place, memorizing things, etc).

Love the Kingdom of Liars story (also, it has the best title of all time).



2013-05-20 10:03:53

I'll give Micro Dungeon a front page spin so it gets some fresh love. Happy to see KoL2 doing well so far!

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah that'd be rad, thanks! I can't believe he kept it so small with sound and art still in the game. Mind blown.


2013-05-20 17:28:45

So I heard you're working on something that has something to do with Sony. Tell me everything gurlfran!!

Hyptosis responds:

That is a true factoid! But I'm only producing art for the project, it's spear headed by BreadBrothers Games.


2013-05-21 15:42:49

um if you make a new game a card game may be boss


2013-05-22 18:52:48

Micro Dungeon....
Okay, I guess you have some pretty good pull with Fulp.... Do you have like gay naked pics of him or something?
That game is mediocre at best.
I know it took more work than I would ever put in to something of that nature, but still.... it needs a shit ton of work on the mechanics to make it even possible to finish the game.
An impossible(or nearly) game is not a fun game.
You ought to know that since all of your games are actually possible to finish without wanting to dip your head in acid to nullify the pain of playing them.

Hyptosis responds:

That game is amazing because of how much content that has gone into it with zero file size. It is beatable, it's easy, but beatable, and well crafted. Plus, people like different things, it's okay that we enjoy something you do not. That is an okay thing.


2013-05-22 19:33:42

hyptosis should make a card game about modern life
like drinking smoking drugs whatnot


2013-06-11 13:30:16

I gotta say, I also love how you do the world building. It's interesting to see it expand everytime you release a new game or so ^^ Regarding the finale, I'm not sure what to make of it. I find it rather decent, but I still don't get the meaning behind the title. Some deep logic there?