Project Updates

2013-03-28 04:41:49 by Hyptosis

What am I working on? Well that is a fantastic question I'm pretending you asked!

I just finished Guild Dungeons 2. It's DONE. I'm tweaking it some, and doing a little bit of player testing to fine tune it, but it's essentially done. That is a LOAD of my mind. I've been working on that game, on and off, for well over a year. Insane. I usually finish a game in less than a month. But they're also far my simple than that. The mechanics under the hood of GD2 are massive, even if the game seems simple. Hope to be able to release it soon!

I'll include a screenshot. Ignore the CHEAT button, that isn't going to be in the final game, it's for the play testers. :P

ALSO working on Kingdom of Liars, going to just buckle my boots and finish that entire series all the way through, should be fun! :D

Thanks, stay cool guys! More updates soon!

Project Updates


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2013-03-28 05:35:54

That's freaking awesome! Can't wait to play it!


2013-03-28 05:38:43

Pff, looking at that screenshot makes me think there's plenty under the hood, and understandable why it took so much time and anguish to complete! That's a very attractive layout, to be sure!


2013-03-28 05:51:07

The last game I programmed was a version of 8computer_game%29 in 1986! All text of course, but the random number generator algorithm was legit back then :3


2013-03-29 16:13:45

This is so very adorable!


2013-03-29 17:38:04

Happy to be a part of this, can't wait till it comes out!


2013-03-30 21:19:33

this looks pretty cool lol


2013-03-31 22:46:06

Awww... guess my ideas will never be taken into account. I had loads, even beyond what I put in that review. Looking forward to seeing your game in action, though! GJ, man! (=


2013-04-02 08:09:11

Wow, this looks really fun. Cant wait to play!


2013-04-08 21:37:35

you can have all my brownies if you give the game to everyone a month early