Sagi News, Thanks

2013-02-09 13:21:29 by Hyptosis

First I want to thank everyone for the great feedback on my last blog post.

I've decided I'm going to complete at least one more tree from Sagittarian 3. If you're interested you can see bits of it on my facebook page, also feel free to friend me! I also try to share updates on twitter.

Also work on Guild Dungeons is coming along. Sagi 4b will be finished first. It is over halfway done right now.
In the future I think I might start a new story with a new crew though. The fresh start would be good for me. Glad you guys are still digging it, and hopefully once BOTH of these games are done, I can finish up Kingdom of Liars! Stay cool guys! Support Newgrounds! It supports creators!

Sagi News, Thanks


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2013-02-09 14:12:25

You have chosen the right path, I give you my gratitude!

Hyptosis responds:



2013-02-09 14:25:41

if you make a simple steam game that everyone would play (not hard with your amazing art)
and just charge a dollar or so you could get some cash

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I'd really like to try to get a title on there. I'm working on an rpg I MIGHT try to force through the screendoor of greenlight, but we'll see.


2013-02-09 14:30:00

HOORAY ONE MORE SAGITTARIAN! The question is which is it? Im pretty sure i know which one but maybe you could tell us???

Hyptosis responds:

It is the Bayou story pickup.


2013-02-09 14:30:23

Best of luck on your future endeavors mate :) That screen looks amazing!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man!


2013-02-09 14:54:57

Good to hear. I'm looking forward to it. Will it also be titled Sagittarian 4? Anyways, thanks for your hard work. It's a blast playing your games (and looking at your art).

Hyptosis responds:

I'll probably call it 4b, I think I called the first 4th game.. 4a... confusing, lol.


2013-02-09 17:50:23


Hyptosis responds:

Sometimes, when I'm alone or it is a friday, I stuff my underwear with sawdust and watch reruns of the Golden Girls.


2013-02-09 18:41:47

I think it's good that ur working on Sagittarian again. Good luck!

Hyptosis responds:



2013-02-09 21:01:39

The stage is dressed, the band's tuning up and the dance is about to begin.... It felt really good giving Tom some bucks to keep up with us playing around in here.

(Updated ) Hyptosis responds:

Yes sir it does! Good man! ^5


2013-02-09 21:45:11

amazing news!


2013-02-09 21:45:38

dude you could make a game the charges 60 millon for a shotgun and everyone would want it even if it sucked since your an awesome artist


2013-02-10 02:45:22

You called the pickup of the Berger storyline Sagittarian IV: Berger, so why not call this game Sagittarian IV: Bayou?

Hyptosis responds:

That is exactly what I've called it. :D


2013-02-10 16:48:47

I'm down for all of your projects; Kingdom of Liars, Sagittarian, and Guild Dungeons are all great! Good luck dude~

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks man!


2013-02-11 10:24:59

Thank you very much for going with that good ol' sagittarian! I am really looking forwards to... *AAAAAAAH!!!* F**k that rabbit scared me! *ehem* where was I? Oh, yeah, the flashes. As I said, I'm looking forward to play Sagittarian, and that Kingdom of Liars would be highly thanked, and for me, more than Guild Dungeons. Anyways, keep it up! and thanks for keeping us updated with your works.

(Crap, that rabbit won't let me sleep tonight... time to take the pills...)


Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks! :D


2013-02-11 17:52:52

ok to the guy that comment is below mine: Dude, ill admit the rabbit has a fear factor to it, but really? its not that scary (and you talking to the kid that laughs at all the fight/murder scenes of resident evil).

with that said...if your gonna finish another sagittarian, do the one with Anna (or what ever her name is) and the hero. i want to know what happens!!!!


2013-02-12 16:32:57


dude, i was damn kidding... wheres your fucking sense of humour? dude, I'm older than ya, and trust me: we share something, that is not being scared with much ease, but when somebody pulls out a damn joke... dude, just don't kill it like that >:/