2012-12-27 03:47:43 by Hyptosis

I just released Children of Brinn! It's a kind of experimental story/oregon trail thing. I'd love to know your thoughts, it isn't too terribly long or complex, and was actually a much harder project to manage than I expected.

The Children of Brinn

Also a little something I'm working on, it's supposed to be a nod/homage to Final Fantasy 6. I'm using similar color choices and similar tile placement. Or trying to! :P


This is a for fun, kinda side project. Although I might like to make it into something more, with voice acting and a killer sound track. We'll see though, most likely I won't be able to maintain the Final Fantasy 6 feel I'm trying to grab. I'd love though to be able to tap into that nostalgic feel for people.

I'll continue to share my projects, in a few days (weeks at worst) I should be releasing another game so stay tuned, thanks guys!

OH, lastly, my age leveled up this month, so that sucked. :P



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2012-12-27 04:49:36

Those graphics in the screen shot are fantastic.

Hyptosis responds:



2012-12-27 05:06:43

I think I killed my party in the quickest way possible :D

Hyptosis responds:

Oh man, I probably should have put an achievement for the shortest possible death :P


2012-12-27 06:53:53

You're now old enough to get your first taste of alcohol.
Well done, champ [tussles Hyptosis' hair]


2012-12-27 09:41:41

I haven't played it yet, but please say I can die of dysentery!


2012-12-27 12:54:30

first that damn rabbit tries to kill me on Easter and now he is killing people at party's THIS IS A SICK WORLD FULL OF SICK PEOPLE


2012-12-27 18:23:27

And I am still your fan.


2012-12-28 16:46:08

mr.rabbit just wants a hug


2012-12-28 16:51:28

I keep seeing that cat character in your games :P anyway not bad, I enjoyed it, you're really pumping out those games haha it's crazy!

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, thanks, yeah, I gots my fingers in many a sinister soup.


2012-12-28 17:19:22

Cool beans and awesome-sauce! I really dig these choose-your-own adventure games you've been making, especially since compared to most visual novels, I don't have to download anything!

If you do decide that you need voice talents, don't be afraid to slug me in the face, either to try out or help wrangle talents!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, and will do! I'm actually working on a very big project and will be coming back to a lot of the VA I've worked with before! You're totally on that list! Thanks! (Also, I'm like, wicked wicked jealous you met Jennifer Hale :P Congrats on such great work. ^_^)


2012-12-29 19:40:05

Hey man you rock! Congrats on the release of the new game! It was absolutely amazing man!! Keep up the good work and i hope the creativity continues to flow from you, and you continue to share your genius with us! Thanks for making such an epic game!!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks, haha, you're too kind!


2012-12-30 01:37:18

Sorry to hear you got older. But certainly you got better, especially with scripts. You consistently produce elegant, meticulous artwork, in vistas only you can imagine. That FF6-esque screen shot looks absolutely sumptuous! Rock on my man!

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you so much sir!


2013-01-05 02:05:23

Nice sprites! They fell with the retro theme from your last game. Wouldn't a rpgmaker game of The Children of Brinn be nice? :3

Hyptosis responds:

Yes. Yes it would. :D I wish it exported to flash. ;_;


2013-01-07 22:15:27

You know what? You and your games are awesome.
You know what else? Misfits is awesome. (Damn that sentence is awkward)

Hyptosis responds:



2013-01-08 10:43:48

lnk to screenie doesn't work for me...

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah CA is down.


2013-01-09 07:53:21

Your latest game is quite fantastic. And I laughed hard beacuse of the moment when I had only 1HP left and I stepped on a nail and died, LMAO!

Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks, it's just kinda a little thing. People seem to be taking it pretty personal that they have bad luck, not sure why. It's like rolling dice, it's supposed to be light and fun. Not an insult. Oh well, it was fun to make. :P