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Art for your game! Also news.

Posted by Hyptosis - November 28th, 2012

First thing first, I'm releasing a lot of my old art for public use. I've had so many irons in the fire for so long, it's been a really really rough past couple of weeks. Hit after hit after hit and I'm getting tired and I'm running out of money.

I've worked on dozens of games and none of them are ever going to get finished, mostly because the programmers lost interest, but in a few cases it's just me too. Some of these art assets are just culled from projects that we may yet finish as well. Anyway, point is, here is some art for you guys to use in your games if you want!

I'd prefer some minor percentage of ad revenue as a royalty for use, but it isn't required. I really enjoy making this kind of art, I hate to see it go to waste hiding away on my storage drives.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/tile -art-batch-1

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/tile -art-batch-3
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/tile -art-batch-4
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/tile -art-batch-5
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/hyptosis/spri tes-and-tiles-for-you

A lot of these are really old and not up to par with my current abilities, but there it is. Also, I've go this game I've very much wanted to finish, but it just isn't going to happen. I've sunk weeks into it and it's moving too slow. I won't make enough money on it to warrant finishing it, so I'm pulling the cord. You guys can see what little I finished here though.

Infinite Paradigm

You won't see it in the game, but I painted over 40 full body shots of characters, dozens of locations, but it just isn't feeling like something that is going to get done. There are too many complex things in the end that I just can't do alone. And looking back, every scifi game I've made in the past (I'm looking at your Wayfinder) has been a failure of epic proportions. It just isn't meant to be. But what little I did do, and it isn't much, I'd like someone to see.

I wanted it to be a slow paced story type game, centered around the supporting characters. The player would play as 'captain' ala Star Trek, giving them orders and sending them into danger. The orders the captain would give, would help determine if they survive, got hurt, and so on. I feel like I just bit too much off with this one though, it doesn't look like much, but refresh and replay a few times and you'll see changes in the story, the variables were rapidly getting out of hand, as was the file size.

I'm also pulling the plug on Rebel Sky. I can't get Stencyl to do what I want, and I'm not a good enough programmer to make anything unique with it anyway. Just rehashing and rehashing and rehashing.

You can play what little bit I completed here --
Rebel Sky Demo

Thanks for scoping out what I've been doing guys. Cleaning my plate like this will hopefully restore my drive some. The only thing left is Guild Dungeons 2, I have some of it completed and I need to drag it out and decide if I can finish it or if I should put a bullet in her head too.

Art for your game! Also news.


Holy crap. This is awesome. I might use some fo these. I'll give you rev if I do..

please don't kill guild dungeons 2 its the only good idle game in existance

Sorry to hear about your lack of good fortune (certainly not a lack of elbow grease). I love your games, but Wayfinder 2 (I think) was damn near impossible to run on my old-ass system.
Hopefully one of the more successful game programmers here at NG, will take interest in your most excellent concepts and illustrations :3

Yeah, not sure what went wrong in Wayfinder 2. I tried really hard to streamline it. Oh well, what is done is done. ^_^

You are super talented, you just need to hook up with someone who has the "finishing spirit!"

also i can't find anything else from my favorite arists since SOMONE realsed a craptonne of art i would of bundled them into one thing

on paradigm when i try to chose a pilot it wont let me chose any of them
also this game has a great story line and thanks for the game stuff it has really helped me out in a game i hope to finish and a youtube series

Yeah, it kinds ends at the pilot select screen, guess I should have said that in thenews post, haha. Thanks for looking!

It's very generous of you to give out all those tile sets! Here's hoping for good completed things with all that karma :)

Haha, I hope so too!

Hello, i posted a link to this page on OGA, a page dedicated to everythings free source games, why dont you try getting help there with the code?

<a href="http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/lots-of-free-2d-art-for-the-taking">http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/lots-of-free -2d-art-for-the-taking</a>


Holy shit! Dude, you've done more tile work here than I have in 3 different tile-based games.

I'd team up with you in a second if you want to make something. I tend to be slow, but I always finish. ^^ Maybe we could do a small game and see how it works out.

Sounds like a deal man, I'll shoot you a pm.

Wow that's a lot of good stuff here, shame I don't know anything on programming or action script in flash, I'd love to collaborate.

as for guild dungeons 2, could you please try and finish it? I don't mind how long it takes (you can't rush quality after all) but I'd like to see it finished if at all possible.

Wow that's a lot of good stuff here, shame I don't know anything on programming or action script in flash, I'd love to collaborate.

as for guild dungeons 2, could you please try and finish it? I don't mind how long it takes (you can't rush quality after all) but I'd like to see it finished if at all possible.

Thanks man, yeah I'm currently working on it and fixing some bugs. It feels pretty solid so I think I"m going to try to finish it next. Thanks for the support!

Hi again, so you dont mind your art being uploaded to OGA? What license would you like, CC0 or another one? Also thanks for sharing

well, great news! i love your art! keep it up, man!

it was sad to hear that you terminated 2 of your projects, but i understand if you got too frustrated with it.

tho, i wonder, where can i see the 40 full body shots of the characters, and the images of the locations on ''infinite paradigm''?
i would love to see the pics/drawings.

about those 2 projects you left 4 dead (pun), if i may ask, if you cant do it, why not ask for volunteer's to complete them, at least on action-script and programming aspect.
so, that at least something remains of this dead project.

also, will guild dungeon's 2 be a cool game? will it have sexy girls in it? and can we see a demo, or some pics from it?

im very interested on your work, and if you ever need voice-actor's in your games, ask me.

Haha thanks man. I feel pretty good about GD2, especially with the very surprising feedback from 1. I literally just made it for fun messing around, but it seemed like a lot of people really enjoyed it. I'm trying to make 2 a bit more in depth, and a lot more flushed out and solid. The first one had some weird bugs, some bad text, and just general little bugs. It's kinda a tough game to manage, a lot of variables, but I think I'm doing well on 2 so far.

I thought about looking for help, but usually working with others slows me down a lot. I seem to generally work better alone, or with a team from the very start. Bringing people up to date is kinda a pain and then if it doesn't work out, it's all wasted time.

Thanks man! Hopefully I'll have news soon!

Well, assuming you're giving this stuff out freely, I think I'll be using some of this artwork for the Delura series. I really needed some stock pixel/lo-fi artwork and now I have some handy! Thank you!

Hey dude this is amazing AF!. Ima use quite a bit of it in my first Free android game for people in my local area to get to know me and my programmer. Ill add any credit you most definately deserve when i finish the game, just comment me back what you want in the credits and what you want in the options-Game info section. Thanks!

hey is it cool if i use some of this art for an upcoming game? i'll definitely credit you :D

My condolences on your demise, I'll make sure to put these to good use.