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Yo, like, does anyone have a job?

Posted by Hyptosis - April 10th, 2024

I don't know a single person in the game industry who is employed right now. WTF. Anyone hiring? I'll be cleaning toilet soon. (Not that there is anyhting wrong with that except my 20 years of game dev experience.)



Commissions are an option.

They're not sustainable in any form.

great question

Devin the new AI software development agent probably took their place.


check mcdonalds, however mcdonalds is also automating its workforce so idk about that one

I don’t know anyone that’s working corporate game dev anymore. It’s rather eerie…


I think a lot of game dev people might be boned.


professional newgrounds user???

yeahhh I've been laid off for a year, watched as most of my friends were laid off too, now it's just really quiet out there

Well no one has money to spend on games, game market is bloated anyway, ai tools putting people out of work, it's about to get worse i suspect.

Well, if anyone is looking for a video game musician for money, I'm intrigued.

Sorry to hear that. It's not just game dev, plenty of my colleagues and friends in software dev have also been either recently laid off or still looking for jobs for quite some time now. The global economy's been in a slump for quite a while now if I had to guess.

I mean, a lot of people just don't have money to spend on things either, it isn't trickling down.

It’s really hard out here tbh, only art jobs I’ve done is on a commission basis but it comes only about three times a year (if i’m lucky) & it ain’t much.

Yeah, commissions aren't sustainable. :/

@BlakeyTakeyTheCakey dream job

the industry might be pulling a 1983

i dont have one, I am just gonna make whatever art, music, videos, and games i want and live off of that. Just gonna freelance my life

what the heck's a job?!

Not a good time right now for sure. Me and my peers may get some prototypes out with local gov funding but that's no guarantee for a full project.

I wish you luck!

In todays time, you must become your job. Meaning do what you love to do and run with it. The key is not to look at it as a job or you will get sick of it.

I dunno if I agree with that age old saying though, I think turning a passion into a job ruins a passion. Having to hang a dollar sign on everything you do grows tiresome after 20 years.

Yeah, nowadays they only let their likeminded peers in or Poojeets to do the job poorly for nickels.
Either try your hand at an independent indie studio or find something else to do.
The golden days of do it yourself careers are getting sunsetted unless you got connections. Gonna be a while before it becomes a viable option again.

Everyone keeps telling me to just go get a job in a factory, no one in a factory would hire me at my age anyway, let alone give me 20% of what my time and experience are worth.

I'm going to voice the characters in your projects, I have app dictaphone in my iPhone and I they exporting to mp3 or wav files, ok!

@Hyptosis I wish I knew a definitive source to read about this kind of stuff. I see mentions of layoffs and no one hiring whenever I poke my head into the entertainment/tech sphere of the Bird Website, but it's all scattered across a bunch of different accounts. The whole thing feels more intimidating when a read on the situation is muddy and passively aggressively referenced under 280 characters.

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