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Hiring Colorist (possible apprentice)

Posted by Hyptosis - June 23rd, 2021

I'm working on a super secret project, and could use some help coloring it. If any artists are interested in helping ol' Hypto please shoot me some coloring examples.

  • PAY? Yes. It is paying position, not hourly though. I have a tight budget but I'm transparent and honest. Also includes 5% of sales. Expect to move 20k to 30k units.
  • The game is adult theme, but not crude. Sometimes boobs, dongs and silly lots of jokes, think Oglaf - NSFW - https://www.oglaf.com/ - NSFW
  • Is being ghost made, meaning none of the people working on it will have their real info on the game. We're making it FOR another publisher. This is not a Lorestrome game (although it's going to be paying for Lorestrome games once we finish it haha)
  • If this game does well, could have a better position on next Lorestrome title too <3
  • Mostly cel shaded art, but interested in seeing anything.
  • Willing to take on newer artist as long as they have photoshop/discord/tablet and want to learn. I'll teach you what I know as we work.

Gimme links to your examples, how much work you're interested in doing, etc. Thanks! We plan to have this game done in the next two months. This isn't the usually type of game I make, but gotta pay those bills baby.

You can also contact me at Hyptosis@gmail.com if you don't have a NG account and got this link from elsewhere.



I been a long time fan hyponosis while I can't lend you a hand I wish you the best of luck

Thanks dude! Means a lot! I've always tried to be a good guy! :P

Hi I am interested if you are short on help. I understand color/lighting but my best examples are non-digital mediums. I can help with sprites? I have clipstudio and aesprite. But I am not confident with full backgrounds yet. One thing I am practicing though is animated digital paintings, that is why I suggest I can help with sprites

Yo, I'm not sure if I'd fit the bill or not, but hey why not throw my name in the ring? My stuff is all up on my profile if you wanted to look.

I'm currently a full-time software dev, so my free-time is limited, but depending on the type of work it might be possible to keep up!

Hello there!

I sent you a message on Newgrounds including all art examples and a brief overview of my availability.
Thank you so much for this opportunity, i'm more than happy to work on an art related project!

Best of luck to you Hyptosis!


I recommend @LinesToThePaper. He is a really good colorist.