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PS3 Repair?

Posted by Hyptosis - March 27th, 2018

I'm looking for someone who can fix or recommend someone to fix a fat ps3. I tried replacing the hd, that didn't work (although I might not have done it correctly) I'm obviously willing to pay. Shoot me a pm or leave a message here if anyone knows of someone who can handle this. I don't really have time to keep messing with it, and have bought a ps3 to replace it for the time being, but I'd like my original working again.

Comments (4)

The proper repair method is: Buy a replacement device.
Because consoles.

I already bought a replacement, but I want my old fat one working again. :P

I used to have one of the big, fat PS3's, but gave it to my brother a long time ago.

Now it doesn't work for him because I think the laser is shot because it doesn't want to play any discs. It could be another issue, though, because those versions of the PS3 are so damn old now.

Don't you have a local video game shop that could repair it for you?

no local places can handle it. I bought a replacement, but I loved my original haha.

Jailbreak it and install Linux.

Have you tried those cleaning discs with brushes on them? I've used those on shit that folks otherwise believed to be totally dead. If it's not just a disc reading problem then I dunno what to suggest really.
If you're in the NY area there's a Louis Rossman repairs, they seem to fix most electronics, laptops, phones, etc. Really all I could recommend without knowing your location.

Hey thanks, it reads fine, it just crashes and corrupts saves and stuff, it has to be HD related but I've been unable to get a new HD to work. I may just buy another used one and throw mine away haha. The american way.

I live in the south so it'd be a long ship. Thanks though!