Entry #129

Scifi RPG tileset WIP

2017-12-04 16:46:21 by Hyptosis


Here is a scifi tileset I'm working on! Hope to make it available in the future. Sprite is not mine however.


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2017-12-04 18:41:06

Have many taken advantage of your previous tile sets? Any new games in the future?

Hyptosis responds:

I don't have any games planned. I've heard a few people have made games with my tilesets. I know there are some rpgmaker games on steam with my tiles in them, etc.


2017-12-05 17:18:55

Figured I'd ask the tough questions since things were so quiet here, sure hope you and yours have a happy, healthy, drama-free December holiday!

Hyptosis responds:

Haha you too :P


2017-12-07 09:04:32

My favorite game designer is back in business? God bless you for the Alice is Dead series! (and for the others games ofc)

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks dude! ;_; Means a lot! :D


2017-12-09 19:48:47

Nice :) Reminds me a bit of Ark 22.