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Alright, I'm back!

2010-05-24 10:19:35 by Hyptosis

Man, sorry about that guys! Don't know what happened but it looks like I've regained control. Thanks for the comments and support! ^^ More Alice is Dead goodies to come in the following weeks.

Oh, don't mind me... but soon you'll see.

It is time for some new management around here.


2010-05-12 17:23:54 by Hyptosis

Just testing something, nevermind. ^^

Alice is Dead 3

2010-05-10 04:13:39 by Hyptosis

It's happened. We've started Alice 3 after a short break, some mild drinking and street frolicking, and what can only be described as a 'Lemur Creamer' we're back and ready to get back on track. I've already spent two days painting and Mike and I have been grinding away to make sure we cover all the questions from the previous two titles.

I made a list and everything, it's like science over here.

Alice is Dead 3

Hey Jim 2

2010-05-05 20:32:23 by Hyptosis

Go scope it out -- http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

"Burnin; down tha house! Uh! Uh!" *pelvic thrust*

Since a bunch of you have played through the game and seen it all, I thought I'd make some wallpaper for giggles. Even if you don't plan to use them, thought some might like a close up view of the cat.

If you haven't played the game, go play it before looking at these, they're KIND of spoilers.

http://www.lorestrome.com/stuff/1600_1 200.jpg
http://www.lorestrome.com/stuff/1280_8 00.jpg
http://www.lorestrome.com/stuff/1024_7 68.jpg

Alice is Dead Episode 2 - Wallpapers

Alice is Dead 2

2010-01-13 03:28:44 by Hyptosis


Go get her folks! Thanks! ^^ Lemme know what you guys think.

Alice is Dead 2

2010-01-04 17:26:01 by Hyptosis

We'll be launching Alice is Dead 2 on Jan 13th. It'll have medals and secrets and all kinds of stuff. Hope you guys dig it, Mike and I both worked ourselves to death on it.